A Divine Society Letter from Uni

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Hello reader,

Before you read this I want to not only thank you for visiting Divine-Society.com but also for taking the time to read this letter. My name is Uni, and I am an official content contributer and administrator of the Divine Society website. You can follow me on twitter @Un1fied.

I’ve been involved with Divine Society for almost 3 months now. I aligned myself with the hash-tag movement on twitter first, then joined the group’s official private chat about 6 weeks ago. Which means for every idea shared amongst the founding members and for every post you read, I am lucky enough to be apart of the process before its presented to you, the reader. And as I’ve become more dedicated to our cause in not only spreading the messages presented on the official DS website but also applying what I learn from the content we’ve gathered, I’ve developed a sensibility about myself and the world unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

Also in the time I’ve been involved with DS, I’ve come to develop a friendship and an unrelenting bond with the originating founders and those of us who stay committed every day to offering both repeat and new visitors content to help them critically think for themselves about abstract understandings of the world we all live in. I know it sounds cheesy, but I love every single member of the DS foundation as if they were family. We spend every day sharing not only ideas to enhance the DS experience, but also sharing our life experiences from all over the world. And to be quite honest, I never thought I’d be this deeply involved with so many like-minded people who see the world as I do.

Now, I write this letter, not only to the thousands of you who are apart of the DS movement on twitter and other social networks, but to those who are experiencing what we’ve created for the very first time, as a reminder that everything we do is out of love and sincerity, to help our fellow man. Through the unknown and known alike amidst the mysteries of the universe, I know, it gets difficult to comprehend things that maybe beyond understanding. Labels, such as conspiracy theorist, Indigo, or Star-seed often get thrown around and can sometimes distort so much credible and viable information out there for all of our benefit. And honestly its quite unfortunate. If more people opened their minds and use their intuitive sensibility, they would see there’s so much more out there than we’ve been taught by traditional education. But that’s the beauty of not only technology, but passion, perseverance, and dedication to helping as many people as possible understand what they’ve failed to learn through traditional upbringing and education.

And that’s where we step in. Regardless of any criticism out there of the information we share or our intent I can assure you that it is 100% sincere, genuine, and is presented with respect for you, the reader. Because regardless of what you learn from us, it is your perception and acceptance that makes it what it is and gives it meaning.

We’re not trying to convince you of anything. We’re merely conduits for information that’s been here, available to us for hundreds if not thousands of years. The fact that you’ve even come this far, just proves that there’s more to you then others or even you realized. There’s a curiosity and wonder that stimulates the want to know more about yourself, us as a species, and the world we live in. And that counts for something.

So as I wish you farewell for now, I’d like you to always take into consideration that we are real people with real feelings and lives, who do this because not only do we believe in the information we share, but also in you. Because its up to you to comprehend and apply what you learn from the content we provide and from one another in order to better the quality of life for yourself and those you love. Because as much as we want to be optimistic of our future as a whole, we have to remember, “To change the world… We must first change ourselves.”

Peace, Love and Respect always,


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