The Definition of Change

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By Evan May

Change is a tricky topic because it can be applied to almost everything. There is negative change, and positive change, neutral change or even no change at all. But what does the populous mean when they say “We want change”?

Do they mean they want the external affairs of the public to go in correspondence to their own beliefs and actions, or are they simply looking for something different than their everyday routine life? Specificity is necessary when asking for “change”, because how can anything change when no one knows what to change.

This is the problem everyone faces. They want to throw their opinion out to public affairs so that people can hear their voice. Don’t lie to yourselves, everyone wants their voices to be heard, everyone wants to feel wanted, everyone DESIRES to feel a part of something; say a movement or an action that has an effect on a lot of people. Its shown everyday through social media, some local action takes place that is viewed as politically incorrect, and people want to voice their opinion on what to fix. STOP IT.

This is exactly why we’ve been trapped and everyone is stirring in their own pool of self-denial, because the media has everyone believing that they have no power over what goes on in the world, because what you wanted to happen didn’t happen. Public hysteria is what I like to call it, and it has run our country since the day it was founded. No matter how many good people there are, it takes a few bad ones with a lot of power to destroy them all.

So what do we do then?

First of all, take a break from everything: social media, television, homework, all of it. It doesn’t matter. The social agenda created by past generations has young minds trapped in this idea that we can’t do anything about the world, well fuck em; because we can.

Every single child within the 1990-2000 year range has a special gift to bring to the world. Don’t get me wrong, other generations have talents as well, but ours are different. Our talents are culture changing, world changing, even universally changing. I’m a 15 year old boy who figured all this out by going against the norm, fitting in with my Self, and saying no to everyone but my own thoughts.

Forget about everything and start with a blank slate, then ask yourself. What is more important to me than anything else in the World? I’m sure I can tell you the answer, its love and knowing the truth in the matter. Everyone wants to feel included, but no one wants to feel left out. I’ve seen it destroy my friends, my family, even me. And I know how we can fix EVERYTHING.

  • Step one, stop talking.
  • Step two, start paying attention and noticing repetitions in day to day life.
  • Step three, use these patterns to help guide you to your goals and dreams as an individual NOT as a society.

Culture, countries, history, all of it is biased and used to withhold truth from future generations, AND our current generation. All the schools, institutions, and governments want is money power and control over the major population.

They may line this idea with gold and glitter, and hibbity jibbity bologna, but in reality all it is, is an idea. Come up with your own ideas; come up with your own philosophies. I don’t want anyone to read this and use it as a manuscript, NO all this is, is a reminder of what is true, YOU ARE. Your beliefs are magic, what you stand for changes your life, be courageous, even when everyone tells you not to.

Why? One might say, well because 5 years from now, would you rather be a part of a broken system, or have broken through the system and moved on with your life. Every day I take lessons from nature that I will hold with me forever, if that’s not education I don’t know what is. Learn for yourselves, not from other people, and our world will soon show promise.

Everyone wants to voice their own beliefs, but no one wants to think their beliefs are wrong; everyone has to be right all time. Or at least that’s how it feels. Be vulnerable, allow your Self to be wrong, make mistakes, fall apart, show sadness, this is life guys. Everyone is a part of it and everyone comes from the same place, a mother and a father. Love is the only real thing on this planet, and the sooner you start loving yourself for who you believe your Self to be, the sooner this will reflect on your experience of the external world. And I can prove it to you.

Everything exists with a charge to it, positive or negative. The energy between charges is what’s known as the magnetic spectrum, a positive charge can influence a negative charge differently if it has more energy to it. So if you put all of your intention and thought into the positive parts of your life, it will start to “push” the negative parts of your life away.

Your thoughts and emotions run through electricity, so when combined with intention they affect everything on the electro-magnetic spectrum, and this spectrum runs the entire universe. If you don’t believe it, then you’re just shunning science and fact away from yourself, resulting in is unnecessary pain and suffering to you, and to others.

Humans are amazing; our intuition is capable of picking up the slightest changes in our environment, but only when we are aware of our true environment that is Mother Nature.

The people in charge do not want you to know this, because it destroys the only thing that they can use against us, mass hysteria through fear. We are scared of the dark because we are scared of unknown possibility, but in “reality” no one knows what and the fuck is possible and what isn’t.

That’s why I and all the people I care about want You to realize this. So we can create an amazing world for not only us to live in, but for everyone to live in. stop being so selfish, and start acting selfless.

There is one rule that governs the universe, and people do not apply it because they feel trapped by Time and are impatient. This rule is, “if you give something to the universe, expecting nothing in return, in return you will gain everything”.

I hope this brings new light and love to those who took the time to read this.

Namaste, and may light lead us to salvation.

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  • Jake

    This is a wonderful post, and if everyone would remember who we are then the world would be a much better place for sure. But until that moment, do we allow for others to suffer and go about our lives? Do we allow for the powers that be to continue to cause pain so that we can focus on ourselves? I cannot help but feel pain when I see another suffer, because I know that I am suffering when they do.