Illusions of Your Reality

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So many of us spend our time dreaming about an alternate reality. In our youth we imagine what being a self-sufficient adult will be like and supporting ourselves through our desired means of a career. When we grow up and things don’t work out the way we anticipated we imagine the day when it will all work out. We spend days and nights searching for the perfect partner and when we have to settle for the sake of avoiding ending up being alone we wonder what our life would’ve been like had we taken the chance with someone else who we were too afraid to approach at the time. It all seems like such a vicious cycle, and for some people, it never ends.

Spirituality teaches us to be in the here and the now, and avoid trapping ourselves amidst realities that aren’t relative to what’s going on in our lives at the moment. It’ll teach us to let go of what’s holding us back and demonstrate perseverance by facing our fears. Its sort of interesting to share experiences with others and claim you have figured out how to exhibit true happiness until some unexpected screw-up changes how we respond to inconveniences that are so overwhelming, they tend to cause us to forget what we’d been teaching ourselves all along.

Personally, I don’t believe anyone is immune to not letting the unexpected affect them in a certain way, no matter how much they preach of their heightened awareness and understanding of the here and the now. Its all fine and dandy till our heart gets broken, we lose a loved one, we lose our job, our friends leave, our dreams shatter…. Etc. etc. Not trying to dampen the mood but but shit does happen. That’s life. If you learn anything as you get older its exactly that. Shit happens & that’s life. Once you get used to this you’ll accept things as they come and find yourself stressing over such occurrences less and less; unless you’re just severely high strung. Lol.

Life can be rough, for all of us, no matter your age, social status or occupation. We tend to idolize celebrities and the most financially successful in regard to the 1% in imagining their lives must be perfect and problem free. They must have it all figured out, “I wish I had that life; I wish I were them.” But why? Why are we convinced such an existence is even possible? What if you realized much of those fantasies you have of the lives of the glamorous are simply that, fantasies? Would it make a difference? Would your life be any more or less gratifying.

The truth is, happiness does come from within. And if you want something more out of your life then go find something more. But do it with honesty, knowing that its something you truly want for yourself and also realize its going to take a lot of hard work, perseverance and more than likely struggle to achieve. My question is, where do these illusions of a better life come from? At what point do we convince ourselves that there is something better out there and this isn’t good enough? And at what point do we decide there’s only one way for me to be happy?

I see so many people that a very illusive understanding of life, happiness and the overall way the world works. This notion of, I go to the perfect college & get the perfect job, buy the perfect house, and drive the right car, and I’ll have the perfect life. Then reality sets in and they’re faced with the truth of how the system is structured and how there are no guarantees, no matter how good your grades were or what you’re extracurricular actives included. Some things are just fucked.

Now, I’m not trying to influence anyone on how to live or the type of life to aim to live for, I’m just trying to do what someone with a consider amount of understanding can do, which is provide perspective. Because many people are chasing the same dream you are, and some of them run faster than you. You won’t realize that until you learn how to size up your competition and find where your strengths and weakness are. Then, the game changes. And that’s when the fun part comes. That’s when you really see what you’re made of. But you have to be willing to want to see it; otherwise you may be unknowingly setting yourself up for failure.

What I’m trying to get it at is the world offers mountains of opportunities that will give you exactly what you want. But you do have to explore it in order to see those mountains. And in the United States of America, youths tend to refuse to see outside of such a limited scope and point of view. They are so comfortable with the view form their neighborhood or hometown, they’re frightened of what may dwell outside of it. And that’s why so many people end up with a reality and existence they absolutely loathe. Because that fear prevented them from achieving what their idols have. Because what you want will not be granted to you the way it happens in the movies and on television… Because none of that is real.

And don’t let those illusions create fantasies that result in a reality you never wanted in the first place.

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  • Justin Symbiosis Brosey

    Well said damnit!