Music Video: Nino Bless – This Song Might Get Me Killed

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Not a whole lot of rappers have a lot to say in today’s day in age. And that’s not even figuratively speaking. There just seems to be a sheer lack of subject matter in the music these days. Nino Bless however, is an exception to what can be considered standard amongst the continuously changing spectrum of the Hip-Hop world.

In this ground-breaking, nearly 8-minute music video, the unparalleled talent of this Brooklyn bred lyricist uses his sharp-witted and complex vernacular to address the smoke and mirrors of Hollywood and media that distract the public from more complex issues that pertain to their daily lives and the conspiracies that have been brought to light in recent years.

He pulls no punches in taking aim at Hollywood farce marriages like Chloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom, and “the man behind the mask of of Riff Raff’s fashion,” as well as throwing jabs at a few of mainstream rap darling artists. He also stimulates listeners questionable mind with lines like, “I can’t be dismissed… even with the algorithm Google uses to cater to your interests.”

Since we here at Divine-Society are all about removing the veil over the eyes of the less visually fortunate, I wanted to take this moment share with you Nino’s most recent video, “This Song Might Get Me Killed” from the newly released ‘Illuminati Reject’ mixtape. A wonderfully shot video that just might make you question a couple misconceptions about the world we’re living in.

After watching, please follow Nino on twitter @NinoBless & download a copy of his most recent mixtape: Illuminati Reject. You won’t be disappointed.

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