Our Doubt is Our Slavery

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I just finished watching the movie Lucy. As the movie was coming to a close I came to so many realizations throughout the entire film. Such a burst of information consumed me that I felt so aware, to a point it almost felt like I was in an altered state of consciousness.

As I my brain was breaking down the stimulation and analyzing all the information I started really understanding this concept of eliminating fear from our own mental construct. I came to realize how much fear and doubt are synonymous with our own limitations which we place on ourselves.

Nelson Mandela’s famous speech regarding our biggest fear of inadequacy all the sudden resonated so well with me. I’ve always understood that speech and used his words as an inspiration but never really grasped what this concept wast trying to prove. Then all the sudden its almost like science proved philosophy in that instant.

The question remains, what are we afraid of? What is doubt? Why do we doubt? What could we possibly gain from all these questions and is there a definitive answer for all of it? Think about all the questions you ask yourself throughout your day. Questions along the lines of should I do this? Can I do that? Will I fail? Will I succeed? Is it worth it? When I truly think about the purpose of these questions, I have come to understand they have no purpose. The answer to these questions are as irrelevant as the reason for asking them.

Instead of asking whether or not something is possible or whether you the capability to do so, try just doing it. No hesitation, no doubt, just do it. If you succeed then you’ve answered a question not worth asking. If you fail, you come to find out how and why and can properly adjust your execution in order to achieve success.

Then the concept of science hit me. Scientists do exactly this once they form a hypothesis. All of this is trial and error. And the why’s, as important as they are to getting from step 1 to step 2, still stand in the way of achievement. If we instead looked at the information at hand from an objective point of view and used our capabilities to attempt the feat instead of asking why, then we simply extrapolate the information and use it to find an immediate solution.

By doing so we’ve figured out how to unlock consciousness to a degree that once again opens up a realm of possibilities so vast, that we are still afraid to take all of it in. Because if that is true than we’ve spent centuries squandering our potential and we have to face the inevitable fact that we had the capacity to do it all along. And we stood in the way of our own progress throughout history. How familiar does that sound?

It once again emphasizes the truth that we truly are own worst enemy. But luckily in that realization we can finally learn that we’ve always had the tools to defeat that enemy. And in that internal victory, is the next phase of our own existence and sense of purpose.

One Love,

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