Tarot Cards by Alexandra Heep

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The Fool is first in the Tarot Deck
He starts you out towards destiny’s trek.

The Magician dares you to take your next stride
While the High Priestess beckons to you with pride.

Both Empress and Emperor underneath their crowns
Challenge your intentions with their stern frowns.

The Hierophant in his holiness
Tries to sort out your life and its mess.

The Lovers in their nakedness
Show what you lack with tenderness.

The Chariot tries to draw you away
As you battle to not be led astray.

Strength is needed to come out ahead
Or the Hermit will find you in its stead.

The Wheel of Fortune turns mercilessly
While Justice dishes out whatever might be.

The Hanged Man shows he was sentenced so
To swing on his gallows to and fro.

Death can be relief, not always the end
A new beginning, if you can transcend.

As Temperance judges your very soul
The Devil can appear and take control.

The Tower must crumble if you want to succeed
In turn the bright Star shows what you should heed.

The Moon rises and can give you insights and dreams
Or create webs of illusion underneath its bright beams.

After night follows day as the Sun will show
Success and contentment arise with its glow.

Enjoy this phase as Judgment can appear anytime
Be very prepared and never waste your prime.

The World shows that you can survive
It’s up to you if it’s death or life.

Along the journey you’ll find Pages, Knights, a Queen or a King
Use them wisely as you never know what any might bring.

Swords can bestow knowledge or pain
Beware of Wand’s fire and Pentacles’ gain.

From the Cup of love deeply you should drink
And never get a reading without stopping to think.

Copyright: Alexandra Heep https://www.facebook.com/alexandra.heep

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