What Divine Society means to me? By Brittany Jacobs

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 For the past few months or so I searched the hashtag Divine Society on Twitter and each time I did, I felt more eager each time to connect with each of the accounts that used the hashtag fluently on a more personal level. I wanted to learn more about them: what their desires, passions, lifestyle included. I would follow them, send them direct messages, and possibly find them on Instagram. But the short conversations left this empty feeling inside of my body still. My soul earned for more connection with these people.

I truly believe there is a huge movement being created here, and WE ARE THE CREATORS which is the best part of it all. And I believe it’s specifically because we are expressing and sharing our ideas, connecting, uniting, and reconnecting with our true essence of being, INFINITE LOVE and most importantly following our hearts.

I want to build a community of light workers, star seeds, whatever you label us as, to communicate our intentions and goals and raise our vibrations together to truly be a catalyst for this movement. A rEvolution of self! Let us work together and motivate each other to spread our love and light every step of the way and remind each other to never stop learning and thriving to co-create the reality we each want to live in harmoniously. Wake up each morning and do what makes your heart tingle, learn something new, build relationships, do whatever makes YOU HAPPY! It saddens me deeply to see people so disconnected! I work in a restaurant and the way people interact has progressively become worse in my opinion and I think it is pretty clear. People are smiling at their phones rather than the stranger walking pass them as they scroll their thumb across the glass screen searching for something elsewhere. Everything you could actually need is ALL AROUND YOU. We live in abundance. People are literally missing the beautiful flow of energy the universe is filled with because they are not living in the present moment. Let us shine our light and bring awareness to others by simply awakening all of ourselves, only then will the true rEvolution begin.


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I cannot express how excited I am to provide the knowledge that I have attained and applied from my spiritual journey and other experiences that the universe continues to bring to me…or that I bring to myself 😉

Darkness cannot survive the light, so keep shining.

Namaste brothers and sisters

Brittany Jacobs

E-mail: brittanyjacobs94@yahoo.com


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