Spiritual Ways To Undermine The System (Part 1)

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The system, or what’s commonly referred to as the matrix, is pathologically broken; designed to hurt and exploit the uninformed. Even those who are informed have a tough time escaping the system. Well, until now. Now, we’ll show you how to live within it, but use it to your advantage.

The current system is contemptible. The courts, the politicians, the political parties and the mainstream media are all keeping the masses docile. Spiritually, we’re consumed by duality – seeing us all as separate.

The matrix does have valuable elements; however as a whole, it keeps us separate, and lost, in the illusion. Yes, the world is real but the system it’s built upon is an illusion. Maintaining this illusion perpetuates these spiritually toxic times.

So, what do we do? How do we bravely move forward towards hope and progress?

Firstly, we don’t put all our eggs in to one basket; especially not the electoral one. That’s a delusional idea. Go ahead and vote, and even donate, to really strong progressive candidates; but don’t delude yourself into thinking that any effort, or donations, to electoral activity is enough. Consider political action to be comparable to lightly tapping the brakes, when a major car crash is already under way.

The system is not only toxic and broken, but it is hitting back at those who speak out, in the ways that people fighting for democracy have traditionally fought back.  Voting, in this sense, changes very little as a result.

” All acts of resistance–including nonviolent protest–have been conflated by the corporate state with terrorism. The mainstream, commercial press has been emasculated through the Obama administration’s repeated use of the Espionage Act to charge and sentence traditional whistle-blowers.”

Secondly, we must identify the tools used to disconnect us. Which, in brief, are the following: advertising, authority, hierarchy, direct threats, and violence (Which is used in the name of law and order, of trade, and in countries having power over another.

disconnection tools

We need to understand these tools of disconnection, to begin the process of re-connecting to re-form a connected humanity.

A connected humanity can and will create its’ own existence. So long as it is ready to keep fighting back, and as long as we are ready to keep our own backyard in order. Once this is established, we can walk towards progress.

Divine Society advocates the creation of this connected spiritual family. So, we’ve provided some ways below, that we believe can create this connected spiritual family, whilst operating somewhere within the system.

1)    Focus on your inner spiritual revolution. “If you want to awaken all of humanity, awaken all of yourself first.” – Lao Tzu

  1. Love is our religion
  2. Earth is our home
  3. Compassion is our guru
  4. Kindness is our practice
  5. Family is our heart
  6. Live a spiritual life – meditation, practice compassion and cultivate unconditional love for all

We believe all problems of the human race can be traced back to separation. Separation from nature, separation from each other, even separation from ourselves, hides the fact that really – we are all one.

We must all change internally, to change the external. It is all interconnected; you have an effect on the living systems around you, simply by being you. You are part of a whole. View the world in terms of systems. Put good energy into the system, get good out.

2)    Educate Yourself – Do Research

  1. Read the Icarus Deception
  2. Engage in the sharing economy with other spiritual people
  3. Check the Divine-society.com reading lists
  4. Understand basic laws – your legal rights for work, search/seizure
  5. Learn about crypto-currencies (This will be big in next 2-5 years)

3)    Collaborate with spiritual people

  1. Form partnerships
  2. Network with other spiritual people
  3. Create businesses together
  4. Barter together
  5. Share ideas
  6. Intentional Housing communities – ie, network to be roomates; get a home together; find land and build homes on it.

4)    Reject the principles of the matrix

  1. Don’t buy any food that is advertised on TV (Chipotle is an exception)
  2. Stop watching mindless TV (Informative documentaries are an exception, and also use your common sense here. There is good art, but try not to watch mindless TV that glamorizes celebrities and their lives, or the materialistic values of the system)
  3. Reject the idea that economic growth is the key to happiness, or that your ‘career’ is the key to your happiness; both are illusory
  4. Reject the idea that billionaires should exist

5)    Speak the truth even if your voice shakes

  1. Expose those who act in damaging ways. Use Social media. This includes bad bosses, CEOs, etc.
  2. Speak up against bullies
  3. Support Marijuana legalization
  4. Support equality in all forms
  5. VOLUNTEER for causes you believe


Embody your spiritual values. Now. The moment is now. This topic will be addressed more in-depth in the second part of this series.


Please do share your comments, and perspectives, on your ways to spiritually undermine the system, and continue to read divine-society.com for more.

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  • George

    Is there a way we can help with 3 on a local level here? I would love to know who in my area is aware of these issues. I’ve been hoping to create an intentional community in the Southeast/VA area after I graduate college.