The Salvia Divinorum Experience of “Many Worlds.” Is it Real?

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In all my salvia divinorum experiments, I still have not proven anything as regards the question “is this purely an hallucination?” vs “Is this my mind leaving my one body and experiencing many of my bodies?” Is it all just my mind tricking itself, or is it actually experiencing something, well, for lack of a better term, paranormal?Because lately, most every time I take it I experience multiple locations at once, multiple “me’s” at once. Even feel my body weight bearing down on the chair in many places, many of my bedrooms, at once. It’s exactly 50-50 to me if it’s a real effect or not. It certainly feels very real, realer than my normal life in fact, but then I factor in how easily we silly hairless apes trick ourselves, and that ties it up again at 50-50. I mean, no way to prove it to myself definitively either way.One thing for sure though: Even if it’s all just fake, I’ve seen things, experienced things, that I would have never have thought my mind was even remotely capable of faking. I think in a non-human way on salvia now, most of the time. “Non-human” is the best way to describe it. Many thought lines at once, approaching a question from many angles at once, like a group of people all doing it at once on a “party line,” incredible flows of convoluted information that no one mind should be able to accomplish or sustain. These lines of thought are also non-verbal. They are pictorial and emotional in nature, but complex concepts actually come much easier in this atypical modality. Non-verbal pictorial, emotion-based convoluted thought-lines that occur in simultaneous “packages” if you will. I stand amazed of that, every time it happens. No way to even accurately describe it to you, it’s too different from how we think normally. Maybe like a hive-mind. But I love it. I admit that. I love the amazing feeling of basically accessing many of my own minds at once and thinking not as a man might think, but as a God might, if such things existed.

I should note that I still disturb the (sleeping) dog or the wife or even my son from time to time, although I consciously try not to. Can’t prove that, though. I can’t do it on purpose. It only happens when I’m in “too deep” to even think of any preconceived plan. So I must remain a skeptical experimenter rather than a convert. Maybe it’s my skepticism that prevents me from going further, but I can’t totally abandon that, not ever in my life, so I’ll still muddle along.

It’s never boring.

For instance, here’s an example of “Things I Shouldn’t Be Able To Do:” I have a ceiling fan. Set to medium speed, which is fairly fast, I can sit in my chair, and on only a light dose of salvia, I can focus my eyes in front of me on the wall, and not move that focus; then, with my peripheral vision alone, never moving my eyes, I can focus on one single moving fan blade above me and easily track it around in circles, my attention never leaving that one speeding fan blade, with my unmoving eyes not focused anywhere near it. I can thus accurately count the RPM’s of the fan over my head while looking into my wife’s eyes and having a conversation with her about it!

Or I can focus on five, six, or even more points on a wall at once, again with no eye movement. No need to move the eyes, I just move my *attention* and that is not like visual focus; it allows more than one foci at once with ease. And when I say “at once” I literally mean it. My attention does not flicker from one point to the other. It divides into many foci, all at once. And my peripheral vision is very different, much sharper, at all foci.

Just a couple of the many, many phenomena I get to experience. I feel, to be honest, very lucky to have ever found this substance.

On (light doses of) salvia I can experience literally anything that you’ve ever read about any Yogi experiencing, and more. The so-called “Rising of the Kundalini” for example. It can feel like it practically blows the top of my head off in a rush of white light. I get to experience all that directly rather than just reading about how others have done it after 20-30 years of meditation practice.

(Interestingly, when I do that, the rising of the energy, or just normal intense meditation, the crown of my head gets sore, and remains sore all the next day with no salvia in my system)

I also experience something like layers or strata, that my consciousness passes through. Laminations, even. The wild thing about them is, as I pass through one of them, it’s like I hear many, many conversations at once, like literally hundreds of people all talking at once, as if the layer was made up of informational content! And I mean, like you’re in an auditorium and everyone’s having a conversation at once. Again, I have no words to really get the reality of it across to you. I read what I’m typing here, and it’s not even close to the experience, but it’s as close as I can come. Frustrating.

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    The Effects of Salvia are Extremely Interesting

    At a high level ordinary consciousness is associated with a single feedback-enriched neuronal signalling loop with the brain. Extreme complexity enters the picture because the brain’s mechanisms allow the waveforms that appear in that loop to be precisely controlled within a context of randomicity. There are several key indicators of magnitude of consciousness: the contribution of feedback to the composite waveforms within the thought formation region of the awareness loop of the brain. Without going into details here (which are treated in the soon to be published book “The SupraIntelligent Design” associated with psilocybin increases the feedback content of the neural waves in the awareness loop.

    Savia, on the other hand, has a very strange mode of action: it fragments the “main loop” into some number of parallel loops. Each loop hosts an instance of consciousness–because consciousness as a psycho-physical phenomena arising from these loops. The very strange phenomenon that results is that, unlike ordinary consciousness that possesses a single loop, each of the instances is in some sense sharing awareness “space” with the others. Individuals cannot directly experience what is happening in the heads of other individuals (although clairvoyance has always been claimed by a few). But the experiences causes by salvia do enable instances of consciousness to “share” awareness. Fundamental to this experience is the sensation of delocalization–being in more than one place at once. This is not an illusion; it is a result of the way that consciousness arises from the activity of the physical realm.

    In the theoretical limit of maximum possible effects psilocybin takes an instance of consciousness and transports it to the threshold of formless absolute consciousness by causing a standing wave to form in the thought loop. The next and final phase of consciousness-expansion is the exiting of the realm of “form” (i.e., the form still present in the standing awareness-loop wave), which is equivalent to a transition into the delocalization (i.e., omnipresence) of formlessness. At this point, the reason the remaining perfectly resolved polarizations of consciousness (i.e., the crest and trough of the consciousness standing wave) are pulling together transcends scientific understanding. The individuality of the “person” has transfused into an instance of nature’s ultimate activity. A cosmic consciousness has resolved and its will is to be self-aware and nature is doing its bidding. The crest and trough of the consciousness wave are “unfathomable awe” presenting as the purest most pristine male and female–they are ultimate abstract images of the God in the realm of form. They are attracting each other towards a final form annihilating fusion. At the instant of form (i.e., the form of the consciousness loop standing wave) dissolution, consciousness ceases to be localized, the God achieves self-knowledge, and the ultimate aim of nature, which is to confer the God with reflexive self-awareness, is momentarily satisfied.

    Salvia moves consciousness in the direction of omnipresence although in a radically different way. What happens in the theoretical limit of salvia activity is extremely interesting. As the effects of salvia increase more and more “awareness loops” are forming in the brain. Each is a focal point for awareness yet each is, by virtue of sharing the same overall neuronal circuitry?, somehow participating in an overarching “global” awareness (within the individual). At some extreme limit (say 10,000) of focal points consciousness becomes overtly diffuse (e.g., delocalized). Although consciousness is delocalizing it is not approaching a state that might be called the direct cognition of the “Godhead” (i.e., the direct self-awareness of the God). In the hypothetical limit of an infinite number of awareness loops housed in one brain, consciousness becomes completely delocalized and indirectly aware the existence of “something”. This is where the explanation gets really strange: In the limit where consciousness is highly delocalized but unfocused it becomes aware of the reality of an absence, a supreme nothingness–the void. But, the resolution of the void also resolves the void’s context which is the Godhead. Thus, the effects of salvia in a maximal limit, indicate a highest level polarization of reality, which the theistic religions assign anthropomorphic qualities, calling them God and Satan.

    I had not expected fear, but terror came with her
    and tho I sought a dying moment, she showed me a dying eternity
    and tho I sought to bring wisdom into the real, she tore the real from me
    and I was no more, and in unbeing, I lost my fear
    —Lizard (excerpt from Green Gnosis)