How does Coffee Affect Your Brain

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Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world. Millions of people rely on the caffeinated drink in order to make it through their work day. But is coffee good for you? How does it affect our brain? Can you overdoes on coffee?



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  • Matthew D

    I love the video. I was hoping that they would conclude whether we should or should not drink coffee. I’m guessing what they conclusion was is that if we don’t want to hit that crash that then Coffee isn’t the greatest thing to drink unless we decide that it’s going to be a daily occurrence and an All Day occurrence.

  • N0VÅ☪☯ૐ

    I really started to notice the withdrawals from not drinking coffee, horrible migraines & constant sluggishness. Now all I do is drink un-caffeinated tea or hot chocolate. If you convince yourself its’ giving you energy, it will definitely seem like it. haha Such a good & informative video! Thank you for this!