Million Mask March London [LIVE STREAM]

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We will be posting updates of the Million Mask March in London. Live steam below:

Protesters from all over England have found their way to London, in protest of the corruption occurring all over the world. The initial congregation started in various places, eventually meeting at Trafalgar Square where they were met with a very heavy police presence.

7:00pm GMT: Protesters blocked from entering Trafalgar Square. Begin pulling away the barricades set by the police.

7:15pm GMT: Protesters begin using the pieces of the barricade as weapons against the police blockade.

7:35pm GMT: Protesters try to pull away more of the barricade, get attacked by the police force.

7:40pm GMT: Tension rises as the protesters push their way to square off with the police.
Cries of “Power to the people,” and chanting of “Who’s square? Our square!” Can be heard throughout.

7:45pm GMT: Protesters are met by a wall of police trying to stop them from moving. The protesters push through them with little regard for consequences and continue to move.

8:00 GMT: Protesters are dragging barricades through the streets, police respond with a strong presence. The Chanting of “Revolution,” accompanied by various other chants, continue.

8:05 GMT: Protestors have begun throwing signs, bricks and glass bottles at police. The police barricade has been demolished. Protestors are chanting, “One solution, Revolution” and “Piggy piggy piggy, oink oink oink!”. Two protestors are sitting at the feet of the p0lice.

8:15 GMT: Protestors are beginning to congregate at the feet of the police. Fireworks are heard over head as the chanting continues.

8:20pm GMT: Protesters are on the move again. End destination is uncertain. Police are moving horizontally with protestors. It seems protestors are gaining numbers.

8:30pm GMT: A taxi almost hits a protester as they continue to move into the heart of London. Protesters begin descending on the taxi. The stream cuts out shortly after.

8:40pm GMT: The stream returns with coverage of the protesters continuing to move. Walking the main streets of London, chants of “Our streets!” can be heard yet again.

8:50pm GMT: Fireworks continue to be heard overhead. Protestors still on the move, streets completely occupied. Stores are letting customers leave in groups then locking the doors after.

9:00pm GMT: Protestors have gathered outside the BBC building. The chant, “BBC shame on you” erupts. Police form a barricade at the door.

9:05pm GMT: Protestors circle the BBC building, they are banging on windows chanting “Shame on you BBC”. Graffiti has been spotted on the side of the building as well.

9:11 GMT: Protestors seem to be entering a store. The feed has been lost yet again.  Standing by for it to be restored.

9: 15pm GMT: Stream cuts to a dispute between a protester and a police officer. “You don’t even need to be here,” says the protester. “Neither do you,” responds the police officer, which was followed by many protesters chiming in to speak the evil of the government.

9:30pm GMT: Protestors gather in front of a McDonalds chanting “Beef is murder” Police form a wall. Arguing with police erupts. Litter is scattered in the streets, some protestors are knocking over garbage cans.

9:45pm GMT: Protesters have all gathered outside a park. Few have jumped over a metal fence to be in the park, others are standing on the street outside of it. Many chants can be heard, and the police presence is still very heavy.

10pm GMT: Protesters seem to be wandering around London. A lot of tension is in the air as they enter into a high-end part of London. Needless vandalism occurs, along with some chanting. The police presence seems to be minimal now.

10:15pm GMT: An altercation resulted in a police officer on the floor. Multiple riot vans turned up to the scene, and the protesters scattered. A few people were stopped and questioned by the police, and the stream went down again.

10:30pm GMT: The stream was suddenly revived, with protesters back outside Parliament. Familiar chants of “Revolution!” and “Our Streets!” returned along with it.

10:45pm GMT: As the night draws on, what started as a peaceful protest has quickly escalated. The increased police presence has failed to protect the protesters, and resulted in inciting far more anger in the already disgruntled protesters. Tension is high and arrests are being made, but it shows no signs of stopping yet.

10:50pm GMT: A fight breaks out between police officers and protesters. The police quickly regain control, but the protest is at boiling point. It’s uncertain how much longer this can last without severe conflict breaking out.

11:00pm GMT: Protestors have gathering in front of Big Ben, the famous clocktower, they are sitting in the middle of the road not allowing traffic to pass.

11:15pm GMT: Police have failed attempting to get the protestors out of the road. Words are being exchanged between a few protestors and the police. Emotions are running high.

11:25pm GMT: Protestors have been pushed off the bridge after threats of being arrested. There was no violence exchanged during the standoff. The protestors are heading toward the London Eye ferris wheel.

12:00pm After a short trip under a bridge to get away from the tension, protestors and police are at a stand off. They are tearing down police barricades while chanting, “Whose street? Our street.”

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