Russell Brand speaks out against Bill O’Reilly [VIDEO]

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What’s happens when you blend comedy with awareness of the problems in the world? Well, watch the above video to find out.

Russell Brand, famous comedian turned public symbol for equality and awareness, took to his web series, “The Trews,” to speak out against recent remarks made by Bill O’Reilly on immigration.

Brand, using his famous blend of sarcasm, wit and charm, proceeds to paint the picture that O’Reilly has entirely missed the point of what we’ve learnt from history; after O’Reilly suggests “a border fence like they did in East Germany” as a means of handling ‘undocumented immigrants’ from South and Central America.

Brand, of course completely opposing the idea, said, “That wall became a symbol for all that was wrong with the world — a country riven in two, the epitome of the Cold War, a symbol of conflict, dishonor, and disdain. Surely, Bill will say, ‘Let’s never again repeat these horrors.’”

Only for O’Reilly to continue on, in the video, to say, “I was there, when that wall came down — and nobody could get through that fence. It was a formidable obstacle. Israelis have done the same thing to keep out terrorism there. So, we haven’t done that on the southern [US] border.”

Many, with any idea of what’s going on in the world, would probably have switched off their tv after that comment. O’Reilly, using the Berlin Wall and the situation in Israel, to advocate bringing this idea to the US, clearly demonstrates the man has no moral compass whatsoever.

Brand, on the other hand, took a different approach. He continued to mock him, with this to say, “Bill, he’s really learning the wrong lessons from life. Bill fails to absorb the most obvious lessons of history — the Berlin Wall was bad, what’s happening between Israel and Palestine is bad. These aren’t tidbits of knowledge that you should pick up and apply to America.”

Of course, O’Reilly then continues to dig himself a deeper hole, as he goes on to advocate the usage of the National Guard’s on the US-Mexico border, saying, “You could put National Guard there to stop the madness. Just as you stopped the madness in the Rodney King Riots, Hurricane Katrina, and all of those other things.”

Brand went on to respond to such claims with the explanation that the LA riots were a result of police brutality, and that the Katrina unrest was from a lack of social infrastructure. Noting how wrong the message O’Reilly had taken from these events really were.

A few more clips from the O’Reilly talk later, Brand finished up with connecting the corrupted dots that the US is founded upon, summarising with this, “So, what I’m suggesting Bill, is that instead of trying to study some of the worst atrocities in history — both world, and American — look at the excessive corporate world and why don’t you advocate against them not paying taxes?” Brand asked. “Is it because you work for Fox, a massive corporation, and you’re a conditioned citizen, conveying only a message of corporate hegemony and disempowerment of the people?”

Is it any wonder that he’s quickly becoming a favourite amongst the activist community?

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