The Trans Pacific Partnership Is Selling out America to Corporations

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What is the TPP?

The TPP is the Trans Pacific Partnership.  Basically this is the largest trade agreement in human history. It has been under negotiation behind closed doors for the last decade . This agreement includes the US, Canada, and 10 other countries in the Asia- Pacific region. If this is approved it will create a whole new set of rules regulating the economies of these 12 countries. These rules pertain to everything from pharmaceuticals, to internet censorship.  If there is one thing you should care about, this is it. 

What is scary about the TPP is everything that we know about it has come from leaked documents. This agreement has been exclusively negotiated in private. Who is behind these closed doors? The Obama administration and the representatives of 600 multinational corporations. Sounds shady right? pPlease share the images below and watch this video to get a better understanding of the TPP.

It is now your duty to get involved and help make people aware of what their government is preparing to do.

What will the TPP effect?








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