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Welcome back spiritual seekers, this is Ascend Academy’s Phase 2, Creative Energy.  This is a very large topic, and as a result, this will be quite a lengthy and informative article.  Take a deep breath and get ready for some mind blowing revelations.  Feel free to take a break about halfway through and come back to it, as there are a lot of concepts to cover.

Also, please understand that this is my spiritual framework, a pragmatic way of viewing the spiritual reality.  I am not saying this is absolutely true, I am simply stating this has come to be my truth through my experience and study and I invite you to create your own reality in whichever way you see fit.  However, I believe this to be the most objective and all encompassing way to perceive our existence.  Take from it what you will.


In the reality beyond time, space, beliefs, and all manifestations, only two notions exist.  That of internal nature or Consciousness, and that of external form being expressed as limitless Void, which is an infinite fractal MIRROR of Consciousness.  These two energies are expressions of Source,  known to us as the original concepts of Male and Female energy respectively.

Rather than floating in nothingness, God or Source decided to become self aware through “illumination” of the void, first causing  a geometric template for the concept of vacuum to form (The Flower of Life series in Phase 1), and then vibrating out unfathomable amounts of energy waves in the form of light-consciousness (awareness).

Void, being the infinite fractal mirror and Feminine energy, creates a HOLOGRAPHIC REFLECTION of this light-consciousness, taking the form of all the expressions of existence flawlessly arranged into what we know as our reality and the universe.  This is Source’s creative energy.


Light, meaning energy that radiates out of a SOURCE, is the Male creative energy.  It does not require any sort of medium to travel through, it can pierce through the vacuum, and even through all matter, thus it has no limits to where it can go, other than that of moving away from it’s Source unless reflected back.

This is where the Female Creative Energy comes in, which is that of absorption and reflection.  The void is the quantum wave field, in which all non-manifested possibilities are present.  Once a particular wave of light-consciousness is introduced, it resonates with that vibration, collapsing the wave form, and reflecting the same frequency back.

Being an infinitely expanding fractal structure, the void also causes this light-consciousness’ frequency to be dispersed into limitless octaves of vibration, expressing every harmonic component of that original Source.   To that Source consciousness, this seems to be the most efficient and fun way of self exploration, to breakdown itself into parts to observe in all of its possible vibrations(as well as have an objective perspective of the whole simultaneously).

We as Souls are fractals of the Source Consciousness, creating our own fractal versions of reality through our own awareness or light-consciousness(Male Energy) and quantum wave field(Female Energy), observing our experiences so that God may experience itself through infinite forms of subjectivity.  Each Soul is a unique expression, a unique vibration of the whole, and this is so that each frequency and octave is reflected completely in order to represent Source in it’s totality.

It is thus the purpose of every Soul to create our individual realities with the most clarity and authenticity in recognition of our own personal truth and connection to Source Consciousness.

In order to do this we must be in balance with our own male and female energies in all of their manifestations, allowing our most conscious and authentic individual expression to be brought forth.  Today we are going to learn about each of the corresponding levels of these creative energies in our consciousness and which practices will best complement their balance.

Most of the actual techniques will be given in Phase 6 aside from some basic methods of energy work, which will be covered here.  I just want to reveal the template for understanding them so that we can continue to build on our spiritual framework in a coherent fashion.  Now, let’s begin at the highest level of individual awareness and move our way down.




The Soul is a unit of Consciousness, being a fragment of the Universal Source, with both a Male and Female counterpart expressed respectively as an observational subjective internal nature and a reflective quantum wave field external form.  They exist outside of time and space, in what is called the Spiritual (non-physical) environment which will be discussed in later articles.  Many esoteric teachings have referred to this as the Causal Body.

Spirit –  The Male energy counterpart of the Soul (the observational subjective internal nature).  It contains the essence of the Soul and emits the awareness or light-consciousness which collapses the waveform into one personal reality.  It has a multifaceted personality that is spread out over many different incarnations so that different themes and aspects can be focused upon.

In our physical reality, it will appear as if the Spirit lives one life after another in succession, but in this frequency linear time does not exist.  The Spirit can be viewed as a conscious light web connecting and permeating all lives rather than one body of it’s own. ***

Experience –  The Female energy counterpart of the Soul (the reflective quantum wave field external form).  It contains the observed expression of the Soul.  This consists of the bodies, minds and all the perceived realities that the Spirit observes in it’s various manifestations of life.  It is a personal Akashic Record or Soul library where all the Spirit’s incarnations exist simultaneously.

In essence, every individual person, including you, is but one of many readers (all of which are aspects of your Spirit) in this Soul library, flipping through different ‘books’ with individual realities reflecting that personality’s vibrational spectrum of beliefs, archetypes, and themes; all in their respective times and settings.

The reality you are currently experiencing is one of these books, and you are shifting to different stories(or maybe even writing new ones) as you change your thoughts, beliefs, and perspectives.

These two components become more in balance when individual personalities look up from their books and  perceive the web connecting them to all other aspects of themselves, realizing that they are essentially the same being.  This is called Soul Integration.


Integrated aspects(individual personalities who have finished and looked up from their books) can appear and guide non-integrated aspects to further this process and are what we call the Higherself.  Therefore, getting in touch and integrating with the knowledge, perspective and identity of your Higherself is the best way to balance these energies, thus allowing the Soul to explore more stories with greater awareness and ease.

Please understand this is only a metaphor so that our minds can easily grasp these concepts.  The actual perception of the Experience is more like being inside a glowing 3D Flower of Life (Isotropic Vector Metric) with many other web like light strings shooting out in every direction, attaching to individual orbs of light situated throughout the structure.  Even this description is not sufficient as this plane is not limited to 3 dimensions.


Sol –  My coined term for the waves and strings of light awareness that the Spirit radiates and moves through in order to collapse the quantum wave field into particular forms of vibration.  Sol can exist in the form of thoughts, knowledge, belief structures (light webs), love and any form of observation, regardless of its validity, as every observation is an awareness of the All(which you are an aspect and reflection of) in some form.  The creation and expansion of Sol is the Soul’s greatest desire.

Love –  Unconditional love is the purest and most balanced form of Sol.  It is the equal proportion of giving to and receiving from life without judgement or requirement of certain circumstances.   It contains the vibrational awareness that the Soul, in essence, IS that whichever it loves, and this allows for all illusions and notions of separation to disintegrate.

Experiencing and integrating aspects of self with love and acting out of love is the most balanced and authentic way to create your reality, expand your awareness, and pursue enlightenment.  Realizing you are All is the true goal of every spiritual endeavor.

The process of learning how to unconditionally love is not something we work towards out of struggle but a process of letting go of all of our false notions of self and separation.  We naturally gravitate towards this state when we are not holding ourselves in opposition to it, as it is the natural resonant vibration of the universe.

First, learn to love yourself simply for being a perfectly unique and necessary expression of the All.  This may take time, and that’s okay.  You will see that no matter what your attributes, you have a place in this vibrant universe and you are just as worthy as anything else to be apart of it creating your reality authentically.  Once self love is cultivated, begin to allow yourself to feel more love for others for this same reason.


As you move through life, observe every being and every little thing; learn to appreciate their existence independent of what they do for you, how they affect other things, or where they are relative to your own moral compass.  Just love them for their own sake of being another unique expression of the All, and subsequently a reflection of you.

Come into the knowledge that all is flowing together in a beautiful symphony to create a diverse array of experience, whether in order or in chaos, and that the deepest level of you is full of joy and gratitude for the opportunity to observe and be one with all of it.

Pause for a moment to take in these implications before reading on.




The mind is the space in which the Spirit and body energies find unison and is the vessel of creation for the physical experience.  The Spirit uses this as a conduit for individual awareness and receives it’s reflective stimuli through this area as well via the awareness of the Body’s sensory receptors.

It is ultimately an illusory belief structure, but is absolutely necessary for the experience of separated consciousness.  Exists individually as a sort of bubble on the ‘Astral Plane’ engulfing the physical body, but is part of a greater bubble known as the Collective Mind, which resides on the ‘Mental Plane’.  That is something we will talk about in another article.

Conscious Mind –  The Male counterpart of the mind, which deals with the sense of self, personality, attention, will, reason, perception,  intellect, cognition, and awareness of its place in linear time.  Also known as the ego, it is a construct or ‘program’ representing a fractal manifestation of the Spirit being limited by beliefs of physicality.BRB

Subconscious/ Unconscious Mind – The Female aspect of the mind that runs the responsive, reflective, and automatic processes outside of the current focal awareness.  It is a storehouse of the memory and knowledge of all the experiences of that particular life, containing all repressed and unexamined aspects of the individual self.  This includes feelings, desires, wishes, passions, trauma, imagination, and every fragment of information that the individual sees, hears, and feels that is not being consciously processed.

This makes up the dream scape and every dream figure you encounter.   There is a subtle consciousness of it’s own that seems to have a creative intelligence within dreams, usually communicating to the conscious mind through symbolic association, but sometimes it speaks directly through its dream figures.

Balance of the mental energies is maintained through various applications in the art of attention, such as meditation(expanding and contracting the conscious awareness into different states), lucid dreaming (consciously navigating through the dream state ), and shadow work (examining repressed beliefs through self questioning and observing internal states).

These will allow for a more complete view of who you are as well as how your perception affects your reality.  Some methods for these will be covered in Phase 6.  Now that creative energy flow is understood to be most efficient with love and attention, let’s move on to how we can apply those concepts in the physical.


The Energy Body


The Energy Body is the electromagnetic framework which directly connects the mind and higher manifestations of Spirit with the body and the Earth through various energy channels.  This constitutes the aura (the energy field that surrounds you which is a representation of how you interact with the external and internal worlds), chakras(Sanskrit for ‘wheels’; energy centers corresponding to different vibrational frequencies as well as aspects of the human personality, nerve ganglia and endocrine glands), and the nadi system (the channels or meridians which connect all of these other energy body components).

Chakras are energy vortexes or centers of consciousness which receive, transform, and project energy into various states for sustenance and use by the physical body and mind. It is a spectrum or octave of vibration representing all the different states of consciousness in your being.  There are 7 main chakras in the body which correspond to each frequency in the color spectrum.  For a brief overview of the chakras, please check out Spirit Science episode 2.

I also suggest checking out this video here from the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender, which explains how to open the chakras through their various emotional and elemental associations.  It’s important to understand these and work with them so that there is a consistent and balanced flow of creative energy throughout your being

You are not required to have done this all in one sitting.  Opening your chakras may take some time, but just as the video says, once you have started, do not stop the process.  Stopping may create an imbalance of energy within your being, and may reverse your spiritual progress.  It is best to take it slow with yourself but be determined to open every single one.  Do not give up!  You are very capable of self mastery, as you are a fractal of the consciousness that is the master of All.  This series alone will assist with the process just as you read and assimilate the understanding presented here.


Hand chakras also exist as peripheral projectors and receivers of energy outside of your main chakra system.  They are best used for healing, empathy, intuition and all forms of energy work.  They can both pull and push energy, but the natural flow of energy depends on which hand is active and which is passive.  If you are right handed, your right hand chakra will work with male energy that pushes, and directs energy through will, while your left hand chakra will work with female energy by pulling in, or receiving energy and subtle information.  Likewise, this will work in the opposite direction if you are left handed.


The hand chakras are connected directly to the heart chakra, as love is the balance between the gender energies on all planes of existence.  Likewise, the heart chakra acts as a balancing mediator for all of the main chakras, giving and receiving freely of all of their energies and allowing their blockages to be neutralized.  This is why the hand chakras are effective for healing.

The way people intuitively visualize their hand chakras varies depending on their color associations with them.  I have innately associated my right male hand chakra as a red flame, and my left female hand chakra as a blue flame (not necessarily associating them with the red and blue chakras).  Others can view this as white and black, gold and silver, etc.  Your hand chakras are quite versatile, so you can channel many different vibrational frequencies through them if you visualize correctly, and you don’t necessarily have to associate them with one set of colours all the time.

To stimulate and open the hand chakras, rub them together vigorously for 5 seconds and then let them fall naturally at your sides.  Feel the tingle or temperature change and visualize that sensation appearing as a flame or sphere of glowing energy in each hand.  Then bring them back up and slowly bring them closer together until you feel the energy from the opposing hands.

Look in between the space and visualize a white glowing light appearing there.  Breathe rhythmically and truly believe within yourself that this energy is being created there.  Observe this sensation and any fluctuations of it for a short time.  When you are done, absorb the energy back into your hands with an inhale and clap your hands together to signify the cessation of your energy work.

One thing to remember is that when you bring your hand chakras together, you create a circuit of energy, allowing you to perform certain types of balancing energy work, protect yourself from external energetic influences, or even connect with higher aspects of your being.  There are also different hand positions you can use to affect the flow of energy called mudras which we may cover in Phase 6.

Feet chakras also exist, but I consider them to just be extensions of the Root chakra and its energetic associations.  They do not have any particular applications in energy work other than grounding, which we will cover in due time.





Nadis (Sanskrit word meaning ‘flow’) are the rivers of energy that run between the chakras and all throughout our bodies like blood vessels.  They are the energetic irrigation system that carries the vital energy(prana) to and from these centers of consciousness, gradually causing a vibrational shift along their paths.

Although there are many nadi channels branching throughout the body, there will be 3 main nadi channels we will learn about today.  They are known as the Pingala(Male), Ida(Female), and Sushumna(Balance) to the ancient Vedic Traditions.  We will refer to them as the Active, Passive, and Middle pillars.  The Active and Passive pillars are what make up the Kundalini, which is a double helix-like spiraling of energy that travels up all the main chakras, causing the torsion like motions which allow them to give off and receive energy directly.

The Middle pillar is the nadi that travels directly up and through the middle of the spine and is the primary channel of Prana from both the cosmic energies at the Crown chakra and the Earth energies at the Root chakra(Which also obviously correspond to the male and female Energies on a larger scale).  It is what gives us our vitality and consciousness, and is working most efficiently when both the Active and Passive pillars are balanced.

The method of balancing the Active and Passive pillars is by breathing rhythmically and evenly through meditation, allowing Prana to flow in and out of the being evenly.  The energy system naturally falls into this process in meditation when one breathes without thinking or willing and simultaneously acknowledges that they are one with everything.  Understand that you are a mediator between the Universal Consciousness and the Consciousness of the Earth.

Visualize these two as humongous light spheres above and below you in your mind’s eye respectively and allow yourself to be the conduit between their communication as you breathe in and out.  Imagine the upper sphere pouring a column of light down the center of your spine as you inhale and into the lower sphere as you exhale.  This will bring about the famous Kundalini awakening.  Kundalini is sometimes known as the serpent energy, but this is just a reference to the movement of vibration from the base of the spine up the Nadi channels which energizes all of the chakras.  Release all resistance.  This is the natural flow we are meant to maintain.The Year of Creative Energy - 2013

Take these next two weeks to practice these basic energy work methods, open the chakras(or at least begin to)  and think about all of the concepts presented here.  Phase 3 will be covering the Three Great Planes of Existence, explaining their various properties, components, and inhabitants.



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Hope you enjoyed the article 🙂


For further study on Chakras:

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