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Welcome to the second issue of Ascend Academy. Today we will begin our ascent up the spiraling staircase that is the 7 Phases of Mastery. This spiritual framework is designed to unlock the potential within every human being by applying an understanding of self that is not limited by any particular belief structure and by providing hands on techniques and practices that raise your awareness of internal as well as external energies.

Unlike our last article, each new issue will be focusing on a new phase so that we can glean a complete understanding of each set of concepts presented. This is the phase of Geometry, in which we learn of how Consciousness moves and interacts with itself through it’s various manifestations and conceptual archetypes. Find yourself a pen and paper, as you will be drawing and directly experiencing them.

“In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.  And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.  And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” – Genesis Chapter 1 Verse 1, The Holy Bible

Before the universe came into being, there were only two things; existence, and non existence.  In actuality, there was only one thing, as non existence cannot be a thing, things inherently imply existence.  Thus is the void, a vast nothingness, of, well, nothing.  No movement, no sound, no light, no space, no time, NO THING. But the paradox lies within this definition; if there is no thing, we must first have the notion of THING for there to be an observation of this “lack” of existence.  We are here now, and we are things, thus there MUST have been some THING that existed alongside NoThing, and it must have had the qualities within it that set it apart from non existence.  This Thing, as you’ve guessed, is God, Source, Singularity, Consciousness.  It is EVERYTHING contained in One THING.


The Monad


Draw the point, meditate on it’s simplicity, breathe in it’s essence. You have always been this beyond time and space.  Before your consciousness decided to expand outwards into new manifestations for the purpose of self discovery, you have resided with all that is in an infinitely small (as well as infinitely large) space, as there was nothing else in reality to measure it relative to at this point. This is the state of perfect stillness and rest in the universe. You are All and ONE.  Sit with this notion for awhile, don’t think about it, just be with it, try to visualize being it.  That shouldn’t be too hard, as you already are.  😉


The Dyad


From the point of singularity, imagine yourself splitting into two opposing poles.  Draw a line extending from the point and end it off with another point.  You are now vibrating between these two points, occupying both and neither. You are In and out, heat and cold, positive and negative, active and passive, eternal giving and eternal receiving.  This is the first emanation of Masculine and Feminine energy.



With the intent to expand, the concept of boundary begins to form, so that there is something relative to expand from. As the active point in consciousness holds steadfast as the center, while the passive spirals out and rotates around it as a fulcrum point with unfathomable speed and grace, the first circle and two dimensional plane are brought into existence. ds-z-boundary

The universe at this state is an endless and flawless exchange of love between self and non self (or rather the illusion of non self).  The circle comes about as a natural consequence of the phi ratio(1.618), which is the angular momentum of both the male and female energies, otherwise known as expansion and contraction, in complete equilibrium with one another.  Use a compass or a circular stencil while using the active point as the center to draw this.  Feel free to erase the line segment if it bothers you.



The intent to expand is still present, and thus Consciousness causes the boundary to expand with thought; not outwards, but into a new dimension. The circle begins to rotate itself, thus creating the awareness of three dimensions and simultaneously bringing about the first sphere. This extremely stable structure will be the template for all other forms of consciousness, as it represents completeness and oneness while still holding all the qualities of the masculine and feminine energies.Energy_Ball_by_Bunny177

The sphere is usually considered a feminine shape as it works with an infinite curve, but there are also straight lines emerging in all three dimensional directions from the center point in equal radius, which represents the masculine consciousness. The sphere geometrically distinguishes a particular state of vibration, a WAY OF BEING.  This particular way of being is that of Source.  Whenever you hear of Source, this first sphere is what is being described, the thing which all other things came from.  Bask in its glory!



Vesica Pisces

The expansion will now formally begin as the awareness of Consciousness moves to the edge of the sphere’s boundary to project a second sphere, interlocking with the first through their center points and boundary perimeters. This brings awareness to the concept of light and dark through the proportion presented within the Vesica Pisces.  Draw another circle in this same fashion by making the edge of the first circle your center point for this one.


Seed of Life

Consciousness, being perfect and flawless, moves towards the boundaries of the first sphere in equal measurement in 6 different areas across a 2 dimensional plane, projecting 5 more spheres to complete a sacred pattern. This is known as the seed of life, the archetype through which the rest of the manifestations of reality unfold through concentric spherical expansion.  These proportions bring about the geometric possibilities of the hexagon, the equilateral triangle, the yin yang and what is commonly referred to as the star of David or star tetrahedron.  Look deeply into this symbol, breathe in and feel it’s harmony throughout your being.   After drawing this, let it sit in your mind for awhile and allow it to help you subconsciously remember that it resides in the heart of every space, mental or physical.



After another set of 12 spheres are projected onto the seed of life, 6 overlapping with the ones already present while only touching the circumference of the center sphere, as well as introducing 3 above and 3 below this pattern (forming two superimposed triangles in front of and behind the array), a conceptual structure known as the Cuboctahedron or Vector Equilibrium (coined by Buckminster Fuller) is manifest.  This has been deemed THE most stable structure as all of its vectors have equal length and angular relationship, which is 60 degrees not accounting for the squares.


It is comprised of 8 tetrahedrons pointing towards the center.  Do not add this to your drawing as the 6 spheres imposed above and below the pattern are not apart of the 2D cross section.  As you continue, just imagine the pattern emerging in 3D in the same general shape as the cuboctahedron.  This is considered to be the preliminary structure of the space-time void(not the nothingness) and of the toroidal field(doughnut).

“The vector equilibrium is the zero starting point for happenings or non happenings: it is the empty theater and empty circus and empty Universe ready to accommodate any act and any audience.” – Buckminster Fuller


Flower of Life

Being the third concentric sphere extension of the same pattern manifested in the Seed of Life(which is the second concentric sphere), this ultimately creates even more complex proportions, giving rise to a plethora of concepts and frequencies of vibration. This pattern now fractals out into infinity to set the environment for all forms of experience for the purpose of Source’s self awareness. The Flower of Life Image is just a shadow of it’s three dimensional counterpart, which is much more complex and beautiful.  Nassim Haramein, the physicist responsible for the Unified Field Theory, has called it the Isotropic Vector Metric.  I suggest you check out his documentary Black Whole here.


This pattern repeated infinitely is essentially the structure of the vacuum or void as previously stated, creating an environment for all other forms to exist. The reason this is the case is because Consciousness can use any point to act as the center of awareness and there will always be perfect concentric circles going on for infinity, allowing for a subjective experience to have infinite growth and expansion as well as contraction; hence the FLOWER of life.  Continue plotting out the circles on the edges of the other circles in this fashion.


Fruit of Life/ Metatron’s Cube

The fruit of life is the fourth concentric sphere of this pattern, representing the completed creation, giving rise to concepts present in physical reality. 13 spheres are arranged in harmony with the center sphere, allowing for a particularly meaningful archetype for the experience of our reality to come into existence.


Taking the 13 sphere cross section and connecting all the center points, we create what is called Metatron’s cube. This archetype holds within it all blueprints for the various planes and dimensions that are present within the universe.  It carries the proportions for what are called the Platonic solids, which all represent a particular form of expression of Source known as the Elements. Elements are essentially all the different vibrational qualities consciousness can hold and express(even though there really is no limit to how it can be expressed).  They take on a plethora of forms in all dimensions. These elements and their corresponding polyhedrons will be discussed in detail in Phase 5.


At this moment I would like you to stare directly into Metatron’s Cube and take deep, natural breaths.  Make this a regular practice, as just by looking at it, you’ll subconsciously learn spiritual knowledge and begin to have revelations at an alarming rate.  Do not use this image above, as the added shapes are just to show the different platonic solids.  Look it up on Google and use one of those instead, or simply draw your own.  Draw it as many times as you can so you can see it as it unfolds in real time, you will notice much more of it’s beauty this way.


Belief Structures

Belief structures are conceptual geometries that exist on higher planes.  They are lenses our souls use to have a subjective perspective of our reality in order to collapse the quantum waveform into one experience.  We create them with every thought we have.  If we can learn how to consciously create certain belief structures, and even be conscious of the geometry that causes the collapse, we can then change our realities and manifest anything we wish into existence. We will be exploring how to do this with what I have coined:



These are the manual creation of belief structures in order to manifest any sort of desired affect on the physical, astral, or mental planes. All our thoughts and beliefs take this form on the causal and archetypal planes of reality which we will later discuss. They vibrate through cymatic structures (sound expressed through geometry) into the lower octaves to bring about certain physical changes which resonate with that of the belief structure.  This is something I’m still working with, and maybe we can all experiment with it together(safely of course).



What I have come to understand is that these lightwebs have to be composed of geometric shapes and symbols which our minds associate with certain states, vibrations, thoughts, or feelings, and as long as we strongly hold those associations we can create a thought form structure and project them into the higher planes through different meditative means.  The 7 phases of Mastery are designed to create a uniform set of symbolic associations that are also resonant with the natural structure of the universe so that precise and efficient light webs can be ‘weaved’ into the fabric of reality.  If we collectively agree on these associations, it makes them that much stronger in the collective mental environment.    You have been told you create your own reality, now it is time that you learn how.



Mandalas are essentially the precursor to lightwebs.  They are geometrically integrated structures organized around a unifying center expressing different aspects, frequencies, perspectives, and gateways of diverse dimensions of truth.  They are meant for teaching, contemplation, meditation, mental healing, and self discovery.  They are microcosmic and macrocosmic maps of consciousness, leading us deeper into ourselves and in turn, the universal mind.  Study them and you will find yourself easily slipping into meditation and different states of awareness.  This concept is present within all life, as all of sacred geometry in its varying parts as well as the whole universe are considered to be mandalas to some degree.


Practice drawing, visualizing, and understanding all of the geometries presented here as this will greatly improve your abilities later in the series.

Be ready in two weeks for the second Phase of Mastery, Creative Energy.  We will learn how to be aware of the life energy present within and around all of us as well as begin to move it into different states with our thoughts and visualizations.

Once again, if you have any questions, feel free to email me at or add my Facebook account made specifically for spiritual guidance, Urban Mystic.  Until next time,


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