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This is Phase Four of the Seven Stages of Mastery.  This is the tipping point where things start to get really interesting, so let’s look back briefly on what we’ve already revealed.  So far we have covered:

The Source’s One Consciousness diverging and creating through Sacred Geometry in Phase One,

The multiple manifestations of the creative Male and Female energies in Phase Two,

and the 3 main divisions of our Universe known as the Three Great Planes in Phase Three.

These perspectives of the unfolding universe all overlap on one another in their varying concepts, and become especially clear with the understanding of the 7 Hermetic Principles outlined before the Phases began.  When we understand that all is Mind, all is connected, all is vibration, everything is dual, everything has rhythm, everything has cause and effect, and that everything has gender, we begin to see the pieces fitting together.

Phase 1 is a rudimentary example of the principles of Cause & Effect as well as Mentalism, showing us how everything began with sacred geometrical concepts in the mind of God, which seeded all other manifestations to come into being.  Phase 2 represents the principles of Gender and Polarity, in which all things reveal a masculine and feminine essence which work in tandem to create a balanced consciousness continuum.  Phase 3 displays the principle of Correspondence, in which each Great Plane has various connections and relations with the others for the universe to work in uniformity.

Phase 4 is an example of the principles of Vibration and Rhythm, and you will now learn why.

Your Soul is the eternal, transcendental, true self that exists beyond time and space.  Other than Source, it is the only personal identity you can truly identify with, as it contains the very essence and consciousness of your being.  It is looking out through your physical vessel right now, observing you read these words in the physical body, interpret a feeling in the emotional or astral body, and contemplate them in the mental body.  It is beyond all that you sense, feel and think at the very core of you, observing (and simultaneously creating) everything you experience.  How does it go about this?  How does the Soul clothe itself in various densities of vibration in order to experience these different ways of being simultaneously?

If you would, imagine a dark room.  There is nothing to be seen in the room because nothing can be verified about the information therein.  Now imagine an orb of light floating in this room.  The light bounces off the walls in all directions, making the space hypothetically visible because the information of the boundaries is being recorded as the light makes contact with the walls and resonates with the vibration of the colour, texture, and all other visible aspects of the walls.  Unfortunately it cannot be experienced unless it is being observed by something that receives and interprets light rather than reflects it.

Now imagine that this orb of light is also an eye.  The eye still cannot see because it receives the light into it’s cornea but cannot interpret it as relevant information.  Now imagine this floating light orb eye has a mind, a space in which the information can be gathered and sorted out based on SOMETHING that goes on inside it that decides how this information is relevant to the experience.  The only thing that can be this something is BELIEF.

The mind must first have the belief that it exists, as a separate entity, and that there is something else outside of it.  Then, when it receives the light, it goes, “ok, well since I am, and something else also is, and this information is not coming from me, then that stuff that I’m receiving must be the other thing.”  Then it goes about investigating what this other thing is, determining that it’s something that stops existing somewhere else outside of it, in a certain shape, forming a related belief and so on and so forth.  It eventually determines it is in a room, after building upon what it previously knew about itself.

For any mental processes to occur or build on one another, there must be a belief framework, a belief structure.  There must be something to base your experience of reality on for there to be any notion of reality, otherwise you’re just seeing ‘stuff’ outside of you.  Therefore, a Soul, who desires to have an intelligent observational experience of the universe, must CREATE belief structures that are relevant to the experience it wishes to have.  We already know that everything is on a degree of vibration, and as a Soul beyond time and space, there is an endless ocean of varying vibrations to choose from.

If thoughts are electromagnetic waves in the brain, we can then gather that beliefs are self-perpetuating mental vibrations (using the broader, universal definition of mind) that resonate with a particular frequency of reality for a relevant experience to take place.  In essence, beliefs are like the focusing lenses of the spiritual observer, in which each varying degree of sharpness narrows in on a particular vibrational spectrum.

Anything outside of a belief structure simply cannot be experienced by the observer as it can only resonate with experiences in the same vibrational range.   Even if evidence comes into it stating otherwise the mind will try to rationalize what occurs or simply block it out entirely as a hallucination.  This is why we call people “closed-minded” and why so many spiritualists talk about freeing or opening your mind.  The universe is infinite and vast with many possible vibrational spectrums, and when we set up our belief structures to account for infinite possibilities, we can then resonate with and experience a larger variety of those possibilities.

This article is about identifying which belief structures are the primary underlying foci that allow our Souls to have experience on all planes of reality.  Through my own contemplation and intuitive guidance, I have come across these primary belief structures, called the Four-Fold Focus.  In conjunction with the work of Frank Kepple (a student of Robert Monroe) and his Four Focus view on ‘Phasing’ (Monroe’s term for Astral Projection) in the Wider Reality, I will reveal which of these belief structures allows access to the various foci relevant to our experience.

(One thing to note, as stated in previous articles, is that every plane of reality or Focus exists simultaneously in the here and now, not as separate planes suspended in different locations.  They all overlap and interact, and every experience has its higher dimensional counterpart which can be experienced by your Soul.  We know this through the Law of Correspondence, As above, so below.)



Focus 1


This is our current “home focus” as described in Frank Kepple’s work, known as the Physical Reality.  We naturally experience this Focus because our Souls have decided to bring this aspect of it’s conscious attention here for the time being in order to learn and grow in many aspects.  It perpetuates this experience with the following belief structure:

“I am Matter, I am Physical, I have one identity that is separate from all that is, I can only get what I want if I act, I only exist if I consume, I am here in one time and one place, I am finite, I am far away from the Source ”.

Every belief structure that initiates physical experience has this basic structure to some degree.  This automatically creates an observation through a Physical-Etheric Vessel, being stimulated by nerves and impressions directly from the Great Physical Plane, including that of the energy body (aura and chakras) that we are usually unaware of.

Within this Focus exists a sub plane known as the Real-Time Zone (a term coined by Robert Bruce, author of Astral Dynamics), where many people tend to first Astral Project when they are viewing the physical world.  This is a sort of etheric reflection of the physical in “real time”, as it corresponds to the exact moments you left your body and progresses in a fairly similar time frame.  This is more of an energy body projection than an astral projection.


Many objects in the RTZ are subject to reality fluctuations, as it is the intermediary between the Physical and Astral and contains aspects of both.  Sometimes thought forms or our own perceptual beliefs can leave an imprint onto this space, causing distortions and changes.  Some objects may be slightly moved, a different colour, a different shape entirely, as they may be perceived as ideas through those experiencing them.

Other factors come into place regarding these phenomenon but we will get to them in a little while.  Some entities can exist or pass through this space, and many will perceive these entities as ghosts or apparitions in the physical plane.  We can receive information from this plane through a form of clairvoyance, but we will discuss that in a later article.

Many doorways, tunnels, and entrance structures exist here that may lead to parallel realities or higher planes/ different foci.

The center of experience for this whole Focus is the Ego self, and now you see clearly why it operates the way it does.  It undermines any attempts to go beyond this belief system because it is our home focus and thus has a very ingrained perpetuation of vibration.

The ego self is a holographic representation of the Focus 1 belief structure.  It was created for this very purpose, to keep us FOCUSSED on this reality, but since we are evolving beings, our belief structures are changing to accommodate a wider range of experience.  Our Souls no longer wish to keep the majority of our attention on the physical plane, they have learned a great deal of lessons here and are now ready for more vibrational spectrums of experience.  You reading this right now is a good sign that your Soul is ready to expand beyond Focus 1.


Focus 2


This is the Focus we spend most of our time in while we dream, lucid dream, think, and where many people believe they are astral projecting.  This is the mental landscape where all thoughts, feelings, imagination, and past experiences exist as actual objects, people and experiences that we can interact with.  Every single experience and dream we’ve ever had is accessible in this environment.

The primary belief structure for this Focus is:

“I am mind, I am my thoughts, my dreams, my experiences, I am imagination, I am here and now, I am attention and intention, If I think I become, my thought is action.”

Even if you don’t consciously attempt to reinforce this belief structure, it is not too hard to enter into it as we are already operating quite a bit on this level as we daydream and think.  Simply get into a comfortable position, close your eyes, and begin to disconnect from thoughts about your physical experience.  Let them pass through your mind without attachment while breathing in and out.  When things are a bit more quiet, just begin to notice.  Don’t attempt to make anything happen, just notice and observe what is occurring in your mind.  You will begin to see images and scenes appear almost like screens in the darkness.  ‘Step into’ one of those scenes, immerse yourself in it and go with the flow of that experience.  Be in your mind.

This is our PERSONAL ASTRAL PLANE, existing within the Great Mental Plane and usually only experienced by the Soul who it belongs to.  This is the Astral bubble I was referring to a couple articles ago.  Focus 2 exists within the so called Astral, but is usually closed off to any other form of consciousness by means of normal exploration (unless someone else is subconsciously invited or attempts to communicate telepathically through this medium).

The physics here are simple, thought equals action.  You think, or intend, or bring attention to something, and it becomes your reality.  If you believe there is no gravity, there will be no gravity.  If you believe you are in the astral realm being attacked by demons, you will experience this too.  It’s all within the confines of your mind, but in no way is it illusory or any less REAL than the physical world, in fact all manifestations in the physical directly come from this Focus.

The main difference between this Focus and others is that all people and beings you see within this experience are aspects of your personal consciousness.  They are dream figures and thought forms that are enacting and representing your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and associations.  Communicating with and learning from them is an excellent method of self exploration, as there are many aspects of our minds that are totally unexplored and would really benefit our spiritual growth.


“Know thyself, and thou shalt know the universe and God.” – Pythagoras

I have called this the Inner Sanctuary in a previous article series because in meditation you can create a space here that you can learn about yourself, connect with your higher self, and practice your higher dimensional maneuvering and creation abilities.  It’s like your own personal temple.  You can also create doorways into higher dimensions, thought forms which can exist independently of you, and connect with other Focus 2 realms.

At the edge of this Focus, usually found by thoroughly exploring and the intent to move beyond your mind, is something referred to as The Void.  It is an area of complete 3D blackness where you seem to float within.  Many get stuck here, accidentally creating their preconceived notions about what this place is.  In essence, it is the border between Focus 2 and Focus 3, and acts as a sort of barrier for those who are not ready to pass through.

Many occult teachings have referred to this space as the dwelling of the Guardian of the Threshold, which may appear as a being, a voice, or as nothing at all.  Whatever this truly is, It’s only purpose is for us to confront our fears and move beyond them.  If you reach this Void area, simply do not think or say anything, be silent and calm.  This will cause nothing to appear before you.

If something does, don’t react to it as if it were something to be frightened at, no matter what form it takes.  Just don’t feed it any emotional energy and allow it to leave your attention as you direct yourself towards moving into a higher plane.  It will never attack you if you don’t expect it to, it only reflects what is within you.

One thing to remember is that you are actually a Soul at a higher vibration than this plane.  This experience has no power over you and you can choose to move beyond it with pure will and intention.  Once you’re ready you can then project yourself forward into the abyss or create an astral doorway, either of which will cause you to emerge in Focus 3.


Focus 3


This is the collective mental environment, in which all beings will either live invariably or pass through upon physical transcendence or disembodiment.  The actual landscape is created by the collective beliefs of it’s inhabitants, all playing some part in the unfolding and manifestation of the astral matter.  This is where all the minds exist referred to in the Great Mental Plane section of our last article.  Some beings, such as elementals, naturally inhabit this space as their home focus, and when we die we switch our home focus to this space as well.


The purpose of this space is to burn out all of our desires, creative pursuits, and experience limiting beliefs before we decide to reincarnate on F1 or eventually reintegrate with our Soul selves.  Millions, possibly billions of different locales exist in this vast focus with many beings traveling through or residing within them.  All of them correspond to very specific vibrations which entail some sort of theme, philosophy, religious belief or archetypal experience to collectively play out.  All conceptions of heaven, hell, and afterlife are experienced here at first arrival, and will be experienced for as long as the individual form of consciousness holds the belief in them.

The belief structure to resonate with this experience consciously is:

“I am what I believe, I choose my reality, I am not bound by a particular state, I am free to move through time and space, I exist to explore myself, I will exist until I have found who I truly am, All others are a reflection of me.”

Once a being has thoroughly explored their beliefs alongside others of similar persuasion and begins to have doubts about their experience, their frequency range will change and they will be able to explore other possibilities in Focus 3.  There is so much to explore that any one being could spend lifetimes wandering through different conceptions of reality.  Anything you can possibly imagine (and more) exists here.

The lower vibrational aspects were referred to in the Great Mental Plane, regarding individuals still primarily focused on physical reality and primal desires.  They will spend their time exploring those desires through their unconscious creation scenarios for as long as they need to before they become sick of them or realize there may be something more.  As the spectrum increases in frequency, more free thinking and creative experiences become available, all of which will be populated by many individuals, thought forms, elementals, and all manner of related structures and objects.

These different locales are almost like countries of their own, with different cultures, values, associations, and overarching concepts which are prevalent in the minds of all who inhabit them.  Some of these beings are so entrenched in their beliefs that they don’t even realize they are not in physical reality, but this is alright, as it allows them to further explore those manifestations which they have created.

On occasion, you may see people similar to broken records which get caught in mental and emotional loops that can be quite displeasing to watch.

Many attempt to convince them out of their beliefs, and this can be an arduous task depending on the individual and the strength of their belief.  This particular field of guidance is called Retrieval Work, and many spiritual beings as well as many higher vibrational beings on the mental plane assist the progression of these Soul’s by interrupting their thought patterns long enough for them to catch a glimpse of the endless possibilities they can experience.


One of the greatest things about F3 is that you can create your own lasting structures for others to visit or for you to establish a sort of Astral Home for yourself.  It requires a little more effort to mentally create here but it can still be done, and many are doing it unconsciously, so why not give it a try?  A great feature of this is that when you physically die, you will usually end up at this particular locale, so it’s sort of like creating a checkpoint for yourself, saving your progress so you don’t have to start at World 3 level 1 again :).

The Mental or Manasic plane briefly referred to in our last article once again becomes the border between F3 and F4.   When a being is completely satisfied or comes to the conclusion that there is an even greater experience to be had, they will go through a transition phase of becoming aware of their true nature.

In this frequency range we are stripped of the notion of being in a body or having one particular mind, and become more expanded in our perception of the whole reality.  We begin to see the big picture, review the karmic lessons we have learned throughout our personality experience, and begin to understand abstract knowledge as well as absolute truths.  We cast off all of our limited beliefs about ourselves and enter a more enlightened state of being.

This is the template level reality, where concepts and ideas take form and are experienced as ‘solid’ objects to view objectively.  This is where beliefs and light webs are created and where they vibrate to organize the lower vibrational frequencies into the experiences that resonate with them.  Finally, if we bring our attentions and intentions to reaching where these templates are created while simultaneously releasing any attachment to what we’ve experienced thus far, we then find our notion of individual selves completely disintegrating.  We become consciousness, limitless in movement and expression, complete subjective energy.

Focus 4


This is the Causal Plane, the plane of the Soul.  Here you are present as your Higherself, connected to the experience of all your other personality aspects.  The belief system here isn’t much of an illusory structure but more an absolute truth.  Rather, it’s more of a belief created by Source consciousness to fractal itself into Souls for individual reality creation, and goes as follows:

“I am consciousness, I am life essence, I am personality, I am a unique expression of All that is, I am connected to All that is, I create my reality to experience all aspects of myself, I am limitless, timeless, eternal.”

This plane is where we connect as Souls to all other Souls in what I have referred to as the Light Matrix.  It is like an infinite web of minds which are all creating realities simultaneously, all interacting with each other in various ways and on various frequencies for the purpose of self reflection and exploration, and for just plain fun.  I have had brief glimpses of being in this state, but according to Frank Kepple, communicating with other Souls is basically like fusing with them and sharing imagery, feelings, and various thought impressions.  This would make sense as the vibration of this plane is that of a transcendent oneness.

I felt very present with all the things I was experiencing, like I could move towards and be with whatever I wanted with no effort.  I was just so taken back by everything and was trying to observe what was here, I didn’t want to single in on any one thing.  Now as my full Focus 4 self, that isn’t a problem and all of that can be done simultaneously, but when you Phase to this level, it’s hard to translate and carry all of this simultaneous information back to Focus 1 without it getting blurry and muddled.

Let me describe to you what I have experienced of it thus far.  It is complete, and I mean complete, whiteness.  Everywhere you look there is vast infinite white.  From what I can intuitively gather the actual cause of the whiteness is a fabric of multiple souls all nested together for as far as I could view.  There seem to be these various white polygons floating and spinning around closer to what I perceived to be the “ground” even though it wasn’t a ground at all but rather a sort of threshold to enter lower vibrations.  I’ve concluded that these polygons are actually mental concepts from Focus 3 visible on Focus 4.

There is this cone like vortex that descends into this threshold, and once again I’m being told this is all entirely made up of Souls as well.  Now that I think about it, it seemed like I was inside a toroidal field!  Everything seemed to have a tranquil silence about it, but I knew and felt it was all vibrating at a high frequency.  I guess that it was so harmonious that it appears as if there is no sound, or maybe I was just not capable at the time of perceiving those vibrations.  Maybe I was just not focusing on the sounds and thus could not experience them with as much clarity.  Everything felt so soft, indescribably plush and light.  I felt so at peace, there was simply no need to extend my thought beyond just being there.

Those were all the things I could gather from my brief experiences on this Focus.  This does not mean everyone will experience this exact scene, maybe where I was nested relative to everyone else caused me view this particular arrangement.  Either way, you’re going to experience that vast whiteness when you re-enter this plane.  I hope this has inspired you to begin your Phasing journey.

Beyond Focus 4 are the higher aspects of the Great Spiritual Plane which, at this time, are not relevant to our spiritual growth until we are completely integrated within Focus 4, in which I assume further instruction will be thoroughly given.


Focus Overlay

ghost on stairs2

Because each Focus inherently exists in the same space and time as all others(here and now), it is entirely possible for representations of different foci to appear on parallel planes, so as to give the appearance of apparitions, paranormal experiences and so forth.  This is experienced when certain vibrational resonances occur between different foci.

We can thus experience objects or beings of F2 and F3 from F1, F2 and F1 from F3, and finally F1 and F3 from F2.  F4 obviously is designed so that you can experience all the others, because they are all contained within and are created from that Focus in the first place.  What I’m getting at is that we can experience different planes of reality no matter where we are located within them, we just have to change our belief structures and in turn develop our senses so that we can resonate with those experiences.  I am working out methods to do this efficiently as well as some methods for Phasing and will be including these in Phase 6. 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed this one as much as I did!  Next time we will be discussing The 5 Archetypal Elements as well as their overlapping relationships with ourselves and the various planes of reality.  Once again, please email ( or Facebook me at Urban Mystic if you have any questions at all, I am very willing to assist my fellow Souls.


For further reading on the Four Focus Phasing model:

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