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Namaste future ascendants!  Were going to be kicking off Phase 3 today, giving an overview of the 3 Great Planes of existence.  This will be a ‘brief’ breakdown of all of the known frequencies of our universe.  There isn’t an actual distinction separating these 3 Planes, they all flow together in a cosmic spectrum of vibration, blending in so as to allow for a complete expression of the musical scale (the highest notes being Spirit, the lowest being matter).  The octaves, or separations we place within this spectrum are somewhat arbitrary, but useful for us to create a way to study the spectrum and it’s various expressions easily.  Depending on your perspective, you can view these octaves as 7 planes, 11 dimensions, 10 sephirot, and so on.  

Many cultures and philosophies have tried to map out consciousness from their unique view of the world and their relative values, subconsciously using the Law of Correspondence within their particular personal realities to project an overarching universal structure.  Every single one is right, because once you adapt a belief system regarding the structure of the universe, it will reflect that structure to you in your reality, creating a unique passageway to the divine for your own experience and understanding.

Remember that everything, every belief structure, view of reality, or personal doctrine is expressed in the Infinite Living Mind in some form, because it is all apart of EXPERIENCE.  For pragmatic purposes, we are going to be using 3 planes, as this is the simplest breakdown that will allow for further understanding and dissection without adhering to a particular structure, only giving specification to the types of vibrations that universally exist.

We will be drawing a lot of this information from the Kybalion, which likes to divide these 3 into smaller and smaller divisions of 7, using the correspondence inherent in the main 7 visible colours and the 7 notes within an octave(which repeats with the first note on the next set).  If you wish to read further I will link the related chapter at the bottom of the article.  The three Great Planes are:

The Great Physical Plane

The Great Mental Plane

The Great Spiritual Plane


It’s important to know that all of these different manifestations are all of the same substance, The Mind of the All, and it’s various fractals vibrating at different frequencies.  They are not separate spaces in time, but all occupy the same space, Here, and the same time, Now.  Planes are not separate suspended places hanging over each other in space, they OVERLAP in the same place, interpenetrating each other.


To better illustrate this, let’s think about the Sun.  We know we can see visible light coming off of the Sun, but there are many other types of rays and degrees of vibration which do the same, occupying the same space.  They are just not visible on the frequencies our physical beings inhabit, because our current forms do not resonate with their wavelengths.  If the matter of our bodies were to somehow rise in frequency, we would still exist in the same space and time, yet we would be able to view these ultraviolet rays coming off of the sun, giving the illusion of a whole new, totally separate place being experienced.

All planes are overlaid in this fashion, there are Mental and Spiritual plane occurrences happening all around us, just in different frequencies unrecognizable to our current perceptual range.

Do not be afraid of this realization, as this has always been and always will be the case, and will not change your experience of the physical (unless of course you decide to shift your vibrations).  The frequencies do not directly interact with each other, unless there are corresponding elements which are meant to do so.  For example, the physical body interacts with the human mind, and the human mind interacts with the soul.  They resonate through a sort of octave chord which is harmonic, allowing for certain forms of consciousness to inhabit certain frequencies simultaneously.

Not all forms of consciousness do this, or maybe they do but are simply not able to focus themselves in all of their inherent frequency ranges.  We, as human beings, or rather as Souls, CAN change our rate of vibration to experience the majority of these planes of existence in our corresponding vessels, if we begin to remember how.  You are experiencing all of them through your various creative energies, but the FOCUS of our energies is currently on the Great Physical Plane.

Unlike our last article, let’s begin with the Plane we have the most focus on and work our way back up again.



The Great Physical Plane



This consists of the physical universe, which is comprised of matter, force, and kinetic energy.  It is the plane of manifestation, the focal point in which all vibrations coming from the Infinite Mind of the All are expressed, reflected and begin to return to Source, being absorbed as experience and self illumination.  That is ultimately the destiny of all vibrations on the physical plane; to be expressed as concretely as possible, in every possible variation, and then for their essence to be returned from whence they came.

When I say every possible variation, I absolutely mean it.  The Great Physical Plane consists of this reality in our time and space, as well as an infinite number of parallel physical realities with slight differences to allow for every scenario to be played out.  They are all occurring simultaneously, all splitting off into a branching tree of possible experiences, each with unique vibrations for our Souls to freely experience at will.

That means many variations of your personality, possibly with slightly different attributes, are all making different decisions and taking alternate routes in their life journeys.  This is a lot to take in, as only one of these possible versions, but it is important to keep the focus on the here and now.  As everything is being played out in every possible way, our purpose is to focus on what is happening in our reality.

This revelation does not invalidate our experience in the least, it means what were doing here is absolutely essential for the infinite unfolding of the Universal Consciousness.  Source is truly infinite, and to have full self knowledge, it is going to explore every possible vibrational facet of it’s consciousness without fail.

Now you may be wondering, “How does our Soul keep focus on all of these different realities at once?”  Since we as singular minds cannot fathom the idea of being focussed on more than one body, this seems like an impossible endeavour.  Our Soul is our eternal self, a direct fractal reflection of the Consciousness of Source, and just how Source can experience all of our subjective physical realities simultaneously, our Souls are thus not very limited in what/how they can experience their own personality within themselves.  This is corresponding to how we create dream figures in our minds to represent aspects of our psyche, just on a larger scale.  As above, so below.

Remember how we talked about the Male and Female aspects of the Soul in our last article?  The Spirit, being a web of fractal personalities of the Soul, vibrate simultaneously at their multiple waves of resonance, and the Female Quantum Field, reflects these and expands on them through possibility without particular focus.  Now the actual focussing mechanism of a Soul can be spread out or very confined, depending on the Soul’s preference of experience, and since it is outside of time and space, it can browse through it’s different manifestations for however long it wishes with whatever degree of involvement in a particular personality it desires.  The Physical is a plane of experimentation, an unlimited holographic video game for us to play within.

Chapter 8 of the Kybalion explains in great detail their view of the sub-divisions of the Great Physical plane, being taught as follows:

1. The Plane of Matter (A).
2. The Plane of Matter (B).
3. The Plane of Matter (C).
4. The Plane of Ethereal Substance.
5. The Plane of Energy (A).
6. The Plane of Energy (B).
7. The Plane of Energy (C).

The text says that both the Plane of Matter (A) and Plane of Energy (A) have been discovered by our scientists, holding all of the physical materials and forces we know of today such as Solids, Gases, Liquids, Heat, Light, Magnetism, Electricity, and all forms of Attraction.  Plane of Matter (B) holds Radiant Matter we are only just discovering, and Plane of Matter (C) holding an even more subtle form that scientists do not yet suspect.


The Plane of Ethereal Substance is essentially Space, Dark Energy, Vacuum, or Void being expressed on the physical plane in between, inside and all around every single atom.  The physical universe is said to be made up of 99.99% of this substance.  It is the all pervading medium between Matter and Energy.

The Plane of Energy (B) is essentially the plane of chakras and energy bodies of all life, stimulated and called into action by their resonant counterparts on the Great Mental Plane, allowing for mental interactions to have corresponding physical manifestations.  Finally, the Plane of Energy (C) consists of Creation forces only accessible by beings on the Great Spiritual Plane, and would be considered by religious folk as “Divine Energy”.


The Great Mental Plane



This is the collective mosaic of mental states, memories, dreams, thoughts, desires, emotions, imagination and “afterlife” experiences.  The quantum reality of reflective possibility is really explorable on this plane, as when your focus is here, whatever you think or feel becomes your reality almost instantaneously.  It has corresponding subdivisions as well as an actual environment with multiple frequencies of experience which are all malleable via thought and feeling projections.   All minds that correspond to physical forms (and some that don’t) are present on this plane, being relayed through the Kybalion in this order:

1. The Plane of Mineral Mind.
2. The Plane of Elemental Mind (A).
3. The Plane of Plant Mind.
4. The Plane of Elemental Mind (B)
5. The Plane of Animal Mind.
6. The Plane of Elemental Mind (C).
7. The Plane of Human Mind.

All of what occurs up until around the higher subdivisions of the plane of human mind is considered the “Astral Plane”, a place where the minds, thought forms, astral entities, and disembodied beings go about their interactions.  The experience of time and space in this environment is relative to the focus of experience and rate of vibration (all determined by the thoughts and feelings of those beings).

The Hermetic philosophers considered minerals and plants to have minds alongside animals and people, but obviously at ‘lower’ frequencies and levels of cognitive awareness.  They may be more automatic in their processing but they nonetheless have awareness and interact in very specific ways and for specific purposes.

All minds have their own relative affinities, states, and conditions, and that is expressed in all physical manifestations they are tethered to.  The mineral and chemical minds react with certain other groups of minerals and chemicals to produce physical effects, but it’s very possible they do this of their own innate fractal representation of desire, will, and feelings.


Plant minds, in the same way, will interact and grow in a specific pattern which represents their affinities on the physical plane, such as the amount of sunlight they wish to take in, or how tall they wish to be, or how colourful, or even how they might be of benefit to other beings through their nourishment and natural medicinal properties.  Some plants act as teachers and interact with the human mind via entheogenic substances produced by them and ingested physically by our bodies. (Marijuana, DMT, Ayahuasca, Peyote, etc).

We know and understand the affinities of both animals and humans in their physical extensions, animals being a lot more based around survival and interacting through specific food chains via predator and prey, which allow for a complex, natural, symbiotic flow of energy to emerge throughout the biosphere.

Humans are a little more intelligent and free will based, having a variety of possible affinities which could affect other lifeforms for better or for worse.  The 7 subdivisions of the Human mind directly respond to the 7 chakras, representative of the varying degree of natures a person can have.  The basic underlying natures begin with fear, moving into sexuality, ego, love, expression, knowledge, and understanding.


Depending on the vibration of the human mind, there will usually be a corresponding number of chakras opened, and thus if they were to travel to the Astral Plane, they would usually gravitate towards the particular frequency of that chakra’s relative subdivision.  According to the Kybalion, the majority of humanity has only accomplished the 4th subdivision (that of the heart chakra), and only some have surpassed into higher divisions, those passing this plane completely in their travels being known as Ascended Masters.

The only beings that usually do not have specific physical manifestations but are just as essential to the universe are those of the Elementals, which are astral beings who possess both qualities and affinities of the surrounding vibrational frequencies they inhabit and help to sustain the natural flow of energy between corresponding planes.

It may be gleaned that the Elementals are actually the stepping stones between the different biological kingdoms, where the states of such beings are refined in the occurrences on the Mental Plane and when completely transitioned into a whole new state (such as from animal to human), begin to manifest via Evolution on the physical plane.

Many cultures have known these to be Nature Spirits, usually invisible but appearing to mankind when they would partake in rituals or entheogenic substances to recognize and commend these beings for their work behind the scenes.  Their appearances are the mix between the corresponding planes closest to them, such as Mineral and Plant for Plane A, Plant and Animal for Plane B, and Animal and Human for Plane C.


Astral travellers will likely know them as “Astral wildlife”, although some of such beings are created entirely from the imagination of the explorers, unaware that their ideas and conceptions are being projected onto their environment.


Afterlife in the Great Mental Plane



When we die, we leave the focus of the physical frequencies and become wholly present either in the Great Mental Plane on the lower Human Mind subdivisions, or, depending on the rate of vibration, may ascend directly into the higher subdivisions, possibly even surpassing this plane entirely.  The purpose of the so called afterlife experience is to burn out our desires, conceptions, and illusions, so that we may eventually transition into higher vibrations of truth.

Upon entering the Astral afterlife, every person will experience what they expect at first, creating an illusory version of their heaven, hell, or purgatory.  They will play out this experience for however long it will hold their attention and belief.  In time, they will tire in their perception and begin to notice that there may be more to experience, eventually releasing themselves from their self-created story.

Those free thinkers who are open minded will experience the “free realms” of the astral, where other beings of like mind create and experience different scenarios simply for experimentation and the joy of doing so.  As you can see the Astral plane is very based around subjective experience, only bringing events and beings of similar vibration to the viewer. Even higher are planes whose scenery and interactions will stimulate the feelings of love and ecstasy, commonly referred to as the “Summerlands”.

Some may actually just be so attached to the physical that upon their Spirit shedding their mental shell, instead of disintegrating into Astral matter, will roam close to the physical vibration and feed off of the mental attention and energy of those still alive.  These are what we commonly refer to as Ghosts or Spectres.

There are rare instances in which a Spirit is called back to speak to a loved one still in the physical, but the majority of times, those who attempt to communicate or who create paranormal phenomena are just the mental shells of these beings still capable of drawing on memories of the personality they enacted and using the subconscious psychic abilities of the living beings made vulnerable by fear.

I apologize if this is hard to accept, you don’t have to see this as truth, but I am simply relaying my studies, experiences, intuitions, and understandings.  If you wish to look further into the different sub planes of the Astral,  you can email me and I will send you a text that walks you through the different stages of the Astral plane.

Beyond the 6th subdivision of the plane of Human mind, there is a sort of transition into a more objective, collective mind experience, which is commonly referred to as the Mental or Manasic plane.  Instead of being focussed on feelings, imagination and desires, this plane is more focussed around knowledge, abstract truth, intellect, and learning.  This sort of blends into the lower divisions of the Spiritual Plane, and is frequented by Angels and Guides who will assist you in your spiritual growth.  Filled with celestial beauty and light, these are the so called “true heavens”.



The Great Spiritual Plane



These are the highest octaves of frequency known to us, and are completely beyond any notion of linear time and space.  The Kybalion does not go into great detail on the subdivisions of this plane, as they feel it is too beyond our comprehension to even fathom.  Nonetheless, I will relay my basic understanding of these planes through what I have been intuitively taught and what research has resonated with that inner knowing.

On the lower sub planes, there consists of the so called ‘Kingdom of Souls’, where all of our eternal selves initiate their experiences on the lower planes via their projected vibrations.  All of our experiences of the physical and mental planes in reality are basically happening inside of the parameters of each of our Souls, the collective experience being projected as a form of spiritual reflection due to varying degrees of vibrational resonance with other Soul’s individual realities.

Angels and Ascended Masters interact with us at this level of consciousness.  If a personality ascends to this point and has undergone all the necessary integration, he/she will be considered an Ascended Master.  The Higherself, which is essentially the integrated Spirit of the Soul, is allowed access to the knowledge present here in order to assist the individual personalities who are undergoing growth in their relative experiences.

A little bit higher in vibration is sort of an over-viewing omnipresent experience of the collective whirling groups of Souls creating reality, looking very similar to millions of fruits of life interlocking together in an unfathomably complex but beautiful fractal arrangement.  If you somehow make it to this over-viewing experience (which you are already apart of), you would still have knowledge of your placement within the array, but also a knowledge of every other placement relative to yours, via the feeling of individual soul vibrations.  It’s basically a big LAN party for souls to interact and create together.


I call this experience “The Light Matrix”.  I’ve experienced this for very brief moments about twice in my life, only out of contemplation of the Spiritual Realm did I obtain a flash of such vastness.  It just filled me with a sense of KNOWING that was the truth, and there’s no other way I can describe that.

Even higher is the presence of the omnipotent Divine Will, which is partially manifest in the form of the Archangels and various other Spiritual beings whose purpose is to carry out the will of Source.  Some have speculated that Archangels preside over creating particular universe parameters for different parallel reality experiences.  I haven’t really extracted any intuitive information on this, nor do I attempt to understand it yet, so I’m not going to say one way or the other.

Higher than this is what can only be described as an ocean of PURE CONSCIOUSNESS, from which all Souls are “born”.

Finally, to my understanding, the highest degree of vibration in the spiritual realm, in which all else is contained, is the Infinite Paradoxical Transcendence of all concepts and perception, the pure I AM.

There is nothing else we can say about this, it is SPIRIT, Infinite Living Mind, God, unknowable by any means other than it’s own self reflection.  The only things we can really know of this Supreme consciousness is that it has limitless unconditional love, limitless intelligence, and limitless beauty, as reflected in everything we experience.


I’m sure there are a multitude of experiences and different degrees of vibration that I have not touched upon, but relative to our experience and expansion, I think it will serve us the most to frame our understanding this way.  Once again, you do not have to believe everything I’m writing, nor in the arbitrary pragmatic structure.  Have your own experience, decide for yourself what to believe, ultimately the truth will reveal itself to all of us if we truly seek it.

See you in two weeks, when we begin Phase 4: The Fourfold Focus.  This article is going to show you how the Soul focuses it’s perception to that of physical and mental experiences via various belief structures.

Thank you so much for reading and contemplating the nature of our reality with me.   Remember to email me at or Facebook message me at Urban Mystic for that Astral plane pdf and any sort of questions you may have.  Until next time.


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