How to find your life purpose

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What should I do with my life?

I was sitting, having a conversation with a friend the other day, and they asked a question that left me a little stumped… “How do I find my life purpose?” It got me thinking. I mean, really thinking. A few minutes went by, and I managed to muster up a few words in response, “Let me think about that.” Then, I did so. For a few days.

I still hadn’t figured it out, when a few days had passed by, and I’d sat down to have a talk with my mother. We were talking about life, just in general, and I spoke of a few synchronistic events that had occurred during the day – these events that actually led me to have a really enjoyable three hour conversation with someone I had never met before.

So, before I get into this, I’ll briefly go over what happened. I’d gone into work, and we finished earlier than expected. I wasn’t ready to head home, you know? I just had a feeling not to. I wandered down to the arcade on the pier, stuck £1 into a slot machine – for old time’s sake – and hit the jackpot (it was a small arcade machine, the jackpot was only £5) on the second spin. What should I do with it?

Well, that’s where the seemingly unlinked events begin to tie together. I had £5 unaccounted for. Not a great deal of money, but I had the thought of going to buy some sage incense – I’d been considering it earlier, but I felt like going to the beach beforehand. Anyway, I walked over to the spiritual shop I go to, bought some sage incense, sat about for a bit and ended up staying for three hours speaking to another customer. A really enjoyable conversation, that I easily could’ve missed.

After I’d explained all of this to my mother, she turned to me and said, “how do you do that?” I was perplexed. “Do what?” I thought to myself, before asking it aloud. “How do you make these things happen to you, why don’t they happen to me?” my mother responded. This is when it clicked in my head.

How do I do it? I got this a lot, actually – “How do you live by intuition?” “How do I know what I’m doing is right?” – and the answer became clear in that moment… I ask a lot of questions, and I listen for a lot of answers. If I’m wondering what I should do right now I ask myself, “what should I do?” and, like everyone else, I get an immediate answer.

The difference? No matter how ridiculous the idea I get, I’ll see if I can rationally make it happen. I’ll actively take steps to act upon what I think of. I make space, in my mind and my life, for these things to occur to me. We live our lives so wrapped up in what’s ‘possible’ and what’s not, that we begin to dismiss anything that may seem out of the norm for us.

We stop listening to our intuition. We just do what we think we’re expected to do. Like in my example, I finished work earlier than I’d anticipated – what if I’d just gone home? What if, instead of going to the arcade, I went straight to the spiritual shop? Would I have still ran into the customer that I ended up conversing with? What if the bookshop had been open and I’d gone in there first?

To me, it’s about making time for what you really feel like doing at that moment – regardless of how ridiculous it may seem. As you begin to grow your intuitive ear again, and start listening to these small, seemingly random, prompts – they begin to tie together. Finding your life purpose is no harder, and no different, to this. You just listen, and act on the prompts that really feel right to you at that moment.

Listen to your intuition, and you will know what’s right for you. Your life purpose will slowly unravel, so long as you continue to listen. Find what you’re passionate about, and make time for it. Stop putting it off. Stop stalling. Stop thinking you’re not good enough, or telling yourself you don’t have enough time for it. Make time for it, and let it guide you. It’s the small steps we take that slowly sculpt our lives.

Most importantly of all, though, is stop fearing. If you’re listening, and you’re being guided – you have to take the steps to act upon it. Don’t allow fear to overpower your ability to better yourself. Take a step out of the comfort zone, as and when you can – you will not regret it.

If you’re pulled to do something, there’s a reason behind that pull. Make time for it, take the first step, ask questions and listen out for the next step. You’re getting there.

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  • lighterman


  • Sabeen Raza

    I agree, we usually are so wrapped up in our routines that we forget to live, I started living when I stopped thinking and stop being afraid. My advice will be stop thinking about what people will say, and ” what if”, I belive somewhere deep inside we all know why nature took so much trouble to make us, and what makes us unique all we have to do is listen to our inner self. Eamonn thank you for sharing such a beautiful thoughts. I am great full.

  • Jasmine

    amazing story! thank you for sharing with us