How to see Auras in Five Minutes

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How cool would it be to see energy around almost everything? To see a world of iridescent colours, overlaid upon your current way of seeing reality?

… Pretty awesome, right? Now, imagine that I’ve told you that you can – within five minutes, and that I’m telling you the truth.

Either you’ve no knowledge on the subject, and you’re shaking your head at the screen right now – thinking something along the lines of, “what crazy babble is this guy speaking?” or you already know of auras, and you want to see them. Now.

Regardless of which boat you’re in, I implore you to read on. I want you to have your own experience of this. Maybe you won’t see a world of colour unfold in front of your eyes, maybe you will, but what I can promise is simple…

Within five minutes, you will see a hint of the energy that encompasses everything – so long as you follow the instructions.

Firstly, before I show you how to do this – it’s probably best to know what it is you’re seeing.

So, what are auras?

If you’ve ever read or been around metaphysically inclined literature or people, you’ve probably heard the word. It doesn’t tell us much though.

To put it simply to you, auras are the energy field that surround our being. They’re also seen around animals, and even inanimate objects, but it is the complexity of this field that varies between such things.

Our auric field is composed of many layers, which each represent the subtle bodies. Though, this is as far as I will go into that subject for now. Subtle bodies will be explained at a later date.

For now, this will be kept simple. We know what the auric field is now, so it’s time to see one.

How to see Auras

There are multiple methods to seeing auras, and I claim no responsibility for creating any of them. Though they are all tested by myself, and friends that I have encouraged to test also – with success.

I will go over each method, as well as clearly stating how I would rate them in difficulty and what will be required for them.

Method #1

Requirements: Two people.

Difficulty: Easiest, requires patience from both people involved. Restlessness leads to agitation and a loss of focus, which needs to be avoided here.

  • Stand person 1 against a neutral backdrop.
  • Person 2 stand around 5-10 feet away from person 1.
  • Person 1, take long deep breathes and allow your energy to flow naturally.
  • Person 2, look at person 1s nose and look through them. Imagine they were not there, and you are looking at the wall behind them.
  • If done correctly, you will see a rather defined, clearness around person 1. It’ll almost be like tunnel vision.
  • If you don’t see it, don’t panic. Just play around with the focus of your eyes until you do. Remember, the key is to look THROUGH person 1.

Method #2

Requirements: One person, one mirror.

Difficulty: Moderate, can be easier to tap into our energy as opposed to #1.

  • Prop a mirror up around 5-10 feet away from the wall.
  • Stand against a neutral backdrop and observe your nose in the mirror.
  • Try and look through yourself, at the wall behind you, while keeping your vision around the area of your nose.
  • Breathe deeply and allow your energy to flow.
  • If you’ve done it correctly, you should see a clear defined outline around you.

Method #3

Requirements: One person.

Difficulty: Moderate to difficult, the field around our hands are much less clear than those around our head.

  • Begin by outstretching your arm, and having your palm face you against a neutral background.
  • Observe the space where your palm and fingers meet and begin to try to see past your hand, viewing the background behind it.
  • Play with your focus a little, and you should be able to see the clear defined outline around each finger and your hand.
  • If you’re struggling, very slowly expand the space between each finger, and bring them back together again.


As with everything, seeing the aura takes practice. Once one has seen the clear outline around anything, it only requires more patience and more practicing for the auric field to begin to take a more defining shape.

Eventually, the auric field you see will begin to become a colourful experience. Not only will the colour enable you to see them a lot more clearer, but the colours within the aura will give you a lot more insight to the field that you’re seeing.

People who’ve practiced this skill have gone on to be able to do things as amazing as identify severe health defects in another being, by studying anomalies in the auric field. Whilst this may not sound too cheery – imagine if you were to catch an illness early on so that someone could get treatment, amazing – is it not?

That’s all on the topic for now, but stay tuned for information on the subtle bodies, colours and more. Also, don’t forget to share this article – you never know who might be looking for this very thing.

Please, if you have any questions, or you simply want to share your experiences, leave a comment below – we’ll be happy to read and respond.

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