Intro to Energy Work: Linking

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This is the start of your introduction into ENERGY WORK! Now what might that be? Well simply put, energy work is the manipulation of energy. Or if you prefer, the USE of energy. Everything around you, including yourself, is made of energy! Both your heart and brain emit their own electromagnetic fields around your body. You can viably call this your aura. Now try to keep an open mind about all of this.

Energy work has been around since ancient times. To name two, there are reiki practitioners and there is Qigong. Reiki practitioners use their hands/bodies as conductors of universal energy (life energy, qi, ki, etc. etc.) and direct the flow towards which they want to heal. Now Qigong is a practice to cultivate and balance qi. It uses breathing exercises, meditation, mindfulness and more to promote and maintain your health. A lot of these are eastern practices (Reiki started in Japan and Qigong started in China).

What I’m going to teach you is a good way to start off your path to being a healer/energy worker. Fellow lightworkers, I’m going to teach you how I started off: WITH LINKING. My friends and I at Divine Society have done many group energy links, where we link each other’s energies with one another. You can call it linking auras or linking light bodies, but to put it simply, we share and link our energies. Through this, you can get a feel for energy and how to use it. You can do this in person or in long distance. Energy isn’t limited to time or space and it knows no bounds. All it takes is 3 key parts: INTENTION, VISUALIZATION, and BELIEF. Now let me show you the steps!

P.S. I teach you this with the assumption that you know about chakras. If you do not, i advise you to look into the 7 main chakras briefly. You also may not believe in all of this, but try it out! Have faith in what you’re doing, you could be surprised. There’s no harm in trying right?

Grounding is very important to do before and after energy linking. It’s also important to do in general. Grounding is connecting with Earth, or Gaia as I like to say. Cleansing is also very important. Cleanse your chakras and energy as a common courtesy (and to heal yourself) to who you plan on linking with. I’m going to teach you a popular “tree” method.

1. Sit comfortably in whatever position you like and close your eyes.
2. Imagine you are a tree with branches extending off from you. Imagine your veins are roots extending down your body and piercing down into the Earth and its core.
3. A cord comes out from the base of your spine going deep into the Earth’s core. Your feet are now roots branched off into the Earth, connecting you with it. Your feet is like the trunk of a tree. Feel the core and Gaia’s energy.
4. Ask Gaia if she would accept you. Feel her warm, loving embrace.
5. Imagine all the negative energies inside you as black goo or smoke, going down through your roots and into Gaia’s core. Imagine Gaia taking away all your negative energies and sending you back a loving Earthy energy through your roots and the cord at the base of your spine.
6. Feel yourself be grounded and remember your connection to Gaia. Feel yourself be calmed and become more stable, more balanced. You have now effectively grounded. Thank Gaia and send her your love/blessings.

TIP: Another cleansing technique (if you want help with this part) is to imagine a white light engulfing you and cleansing you. Imagine it coming through your crown chakra and into your body. Imagine it eradicating the darkness, leaving nothing but love and light.

STEP 2: Shielding
It is important to create a shield against harmful energies or even harmful entities. There are low vibrational entities that seek to steal, or “vamp”, your energy. You are like a beacon of light, and they are the flies that are attracted to it. I’m going to teach you an armor method.

1. Open your crown chakra, a good affirmation for this is: “I am open and expanded. I am one with the universe. I am part of the universal consciousness. I am open and expanded.” Say it out loud or in your head 3 times; repetition is essential.
2. Imagine an orb of light. It can be a heavenly white, gold or even a heavenly gold. Imagine it inside your head. Now imagine this light expanding and pouring out the top of your head. Feel your connection to the cosmos strengthen. Your crown chakra should be open. You may feel a slight buzzing or clearness in your head.
3. Now that your crown is open, it’s time to work on your armor! Imagine a golden-white light coming down from the cosmos and through your crown chakra. Imagine it engulfing your body, completely surrounding it.
4. Now turn up the light and extend it outward. Imagine it covering your body in an armor-like fashion. You can even imagine it as an orb of light around your body if you wish. Shine it as bright as the Sun itself.
5. Now affirm this out loud or in your head: “I allow only beings of love and light to interact with me.” Negative energies and beings do not affect you. Your light is stronger than any lower vibrational being. You are a being of love and light. You have now effectively created your shield.
Remember repetition is essential! Say it 3 times.

Before you link, you must open your heart and crown chakras. Your third eye too if you’d like. It is advised to meditate as well if you’re just starting out with energy work.

1. Open up your heart and crown chakras. Scroll above for your crown chakra. To open up your heart chakra, here is an affirmation for you: “I embody love. I deserve love and receive it in abundance, I am love and I love to love.” (Again, repetition is essential)
2. Imagine your heart chakra opening up. Feel the love of the universe in your chest. Imagine a bright light starting at your heart and expanding. Feel source and the universal love connection. You ARE love itself after-all.
3. To open up your third eye, use the affirmation: “I think therefore I am” (Repetition!)
4. Imagine a hook attached to a fishing rod grabbing your third eye and pulling it up and out of your head.
5. Imagine a light shining through your third eye. Imagine the energy flowing around and feel it burst out.
TIP: Try breathing through your third eye. Take a deep inhale through your nose and feel your third eye open up. Exhale deeply and feel energy come out. Feel it open and close.

Now before I teach you linking, I must forewarn you. Try not to excessively link or keep a permanent link with somebody. Links don’t need to be hours long. Everything in moderation right? Energy work can be as parasitic as it is healing. Energy linking can turn into energy vamping quickly. Now with that being said, remember these 3 key steps: INTENTION, VISUALIZATION and BELIEF.

You can do this with a person right next to you or a person miles away.
1. Now open yourself up to the person (or people) you wish to link with. Accept them and their energy. You can imagine two human-like bodies of light, one you and one the other person. Imagine a cord connecting your heart chakras. Imagine a divine connection at your crown chakras as well. Feel their energies come through your heart and crown chakras and feel it spread throughout your body.
2. Connect with this person (or people). Focus on your breathing and try to feel out their energy. When you link with someone, you can literally feel them in your chakras. I personally end up in people’s heart, crown and third eye chakras the most. They usually feel me strongest in their heart chakra. You can be felt in more than just one chakra at a time as well.
3. Get a feel for the energy of another. Try moving energy through one another’s chakras. All it takes is intention, visualization and belief. Put out your intent and visualize it. Believe it will work and that it is happening.
4. Use your breath to help you. Send bursts of energy through your partner’s chakras and body. You are successfully energy linking now!
5. Focus on a chakra, play around even! Figure out what you can do and explore. Imagine your energies connecting and growing. You can do this with animals and nature itself as long as you have a willing participant
6. NOW THIS IS IMPORTANT: When you are done, you must cut the link. Imagine scissors cutting the cord(s) and push away the other person’s, or people’s, energy/light body. Push it far away from you. Sever all ties. A healing process can turn parasitic quick, I warn you of this now. Ground and cleanse as well! Don’t forget about your armor either.

Now that you got a feel for energy, try some chakra scanning with whoever you’re linked to. You can even do this on someone you’re not linked to. The point is to be able to observe energy and/or feel it.

1. Try focusing on each chakra one by one, and feel them out. Does one feel stronger than the others? Can you barely feel a chakra as if there was a void there? Feel it out. See if you can look at their chakras (aura too if you can) with your third eye(your MIND’S EYE). Don’t look with your eyes, look with your mind. Trust your instincts.

Tip: Try imagining the person you’re scanning as a human shaped body of light. Try to see the color of the energies it emits. Try seeing their aura. It’s not so much about what you see with your eyes. It’s more with what you can see with your MIND.

2. As you scan through their chakras, do you feel any kind of blockages between them? Feel everything, assess the damages.
3. Let’s say you find a blockage between the sacral and solar chakras. That means your energy flow is being restricted to your sacral chakra and can’t go up to the ones above. The result is pent up energy in your sacral chakra.
4. Do you feel an overabundance of energy in a chakra? It is probably overactive. Do you feel a void? It is probably inactive. You are successfully chakra scanning.
5. Some people feel other’s energy when linking as if it were your own. Some people see it in their minds. It can be different for everyone. Find what works for you and remember to trust your instincts. Your intuition is never wrong.

Energy Work TIP: See if when you feel a blockage you can fix it. Imagine energy flowing between the chakras of the blockage. Feel and direct it, let it flow. When you feel an inactive chakra or a void send it a burst or boost of energy. Imagine that chakra’s color filling that void and spinning. Send it light. When you feel an overactive chakra, spread the energy out. Try to heal their chakras. This is the start to energy work. See what you can do!

With all that being said, you can try many things with linking as a great start to energy work. You can imagine a white light engulfing and cleansing somebody. You can even do this on yourself. Imagine a blue energy if you want to focus on someone’s throat chakra and heal it. The possibilities with energy work are endless. Find what you can do! This is a learning experience. Don’t get mad if you can’t get it right away. Meditation beforehand, or even during all of this, can be very helpful. All it takes is patience and a willingness to try.

But as a final warning: ALWAYS CUT TIES WHEN YOU ARE DONE. Ground and cleanse as well! I can’t stress this enough.

About me: My name is Erol (pronounced air-roll if you were curious) and I am with Divine Society. I’m a reiki 1 practitioner and I do energy work in general all the time. I’d like to say i’ve got a good amount of experience on the subject. I love doing energy work, it’s a truly uplifting experience. I’m willing to teach anyone who wants to learn, so if you have any questions you can feel free to email me at

I may start a series with this being the first article, but we’ll see. I will be writing more articles pertaining to energy work and whatnot, so be on the lookout!

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