Introduction To Spirituality

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To get in touch with one’s self spiritually is not to say philosophical things, become an inspirational speaker, or world class motivator. It’s not turning into a ghost like apparition with no physical form. It’s about realizing that through this physical vessel that is your body, you are able to become one with the universe and everything around you. There is no switch you turn on to become spiritually enlightened. It’s not something that happens instantaneously. It takes time. And over this time, knowledge is gained. I’m not talking information or education like you’re taught in school, I’m talking enlightenment and understanding. It’s more than numbers and facts. It’s more than physical sights. It’s a sense of knowing what you forgot, what your soul once knew in another life. We are our souls, our souls are energy, and energy doesn’t die; it simply changes forms. So when this physical incarnation is over we do not die, we simply ascend. E=MC2. As souls on this journey placed on this planet it is our job and our mission to emit energy. They call this loosh. Now, it is our choice what type of energy we emit, but all of us emit this loosh one way or another. You can choose to emit a positive energy, which in turn will result in a positive manifestation of your reality; Or you can choose to emit a negative energy, which will result in manifesting a negative reality. The choice seems simple enough right? One would think, but there are still those people who choose to emit negative energy for whatever cause. They then experience a negative reality and continue the cycle by blaming God, the universe, the people around them, and themselves; playing the victim role. This is not how I would want to live my life…

You must choose to play the survivor role. You’re here to experience & grow, and everything you go through is an opportunity to learn. Once you learn to take from these situations and turn them positive, you’ll start to see them come around less often. It’s just how it works, and the point is you control it. You can control how you react to these events, and how you react dictates whether your life will be burdened by these same lessons in disguise. “Bad” situations aren’t bad per say, that’s just our perception of it. Same goes for “good” situations. Eliminating all perception and opinion, every situation in our lives is merely that; a situation. It’s not good, it’s not bad, it just is. Even the so called “bad” situations have a good side to them, and everyone experiences them; whether you notice it or not. These are called trials and tribulations. It is through these trials and tribulations that we learn invaluable lessons that cannot be learned otherwise. No teacher can teach you these lessons; they come from within. It is the universe’s way of relearning what it knows by experiencing it through you.. Sound crazy right? Most people wouldn’t believe you if you told them they held the entire universe inside them; they’re probably convinced they hold nothing more than an entire stomach full of food. It is important to know that each challenge or adversity that you face in life is placed there for a reason; to teach you a specific lesson. And a form of this challenge will continue to stand in your way until you learn that lesson and apply it to your life. Through adversity one develops traits such as strength, perseverance, appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, and understanding. Every one of us possess these traits, but it’s up to us to learn how to reapply them. You can’t access these traits without experiencing your share of trials and tribulations, for that is what tests your character.

Once you have successfully identified and applied these traits from within, one will start to gain understanding, wisdom, knowledge, and truth. Enlightenment begins where perception expands. You must be willing to accept that there is much you do not know, and begin to expand your understanding through a more attentive awareness. There is a spiritual war going on inside your body for your soul. It one a war between the higher vibrational realm of love, light, truth or “God” Vs. the lower vibrational realm of darkness, deceit, and evil. Nobody can fight this battle for you, it is yours and yours alone. Every one of us faces this battle, and has to fight it alone. Now, that doesn’t mean we cannot aid our fellow souls on this spiritual journey; for that is exactly what we should do! We can walk alongside together on this journey to enlightenment. And while it is my hope that we all acknowledge and begin this journey, not everyone is ready for it. The universe works on it’s own time, and we cannot change that. Everyone begins their journey at different times. So if you try to enlighten someone and they shut you out, do not be discouraged and give up on them. Remain positive and show them love, for they need it more than anyone. If you show them through your life and actions how beneficial and relieving being awakened consciously and spiritually is, then one day they too will no doubt want to experience the joy and peace you feel. It is important to stay grounded on your journey to enlightenment, for just because you are more enlightened than someone does not mean you are better. You merely progressed quicker than them, and that’s fine. But there’s nothing wrong with taking time to progress either. So do not fall victim to seeing yourself as higher than someone, for that is the ego talking. If you do experience this, you simply need to rebalance your ego. In reality, none of us are fully enlightened; there is just too much we don’t know, and cannot know due to disinformation, propaganda, illusion, distraction, and lack of historical facts.

These facts once existed, in the great library of Alexandria in Rome; but the library was destroyed and the textual evidence and documentation with it. But fear not! For our souls still know this information, they still know the truth. It’s just a matter of remembering what we forgot. Now does this mean every one of us will remember every single shred of truth and knowledge about the history of the universe? No. In fact, the majority of us won’t. But that’s okay. It’s not about the knowing, it’s about the believing. Sure it would be nice to know the validity of say the Annunaki and the planet Nibiru, but at the end of the day that knowledge wouldn’t benefit us anymore than assuming it does. All that truly matters is we know and acknowledge what we can truly label as truth. And that is that we are souls, vibrational frequencies of energy that emit loosh for our every action. That we are divine beings with the abilities to harness superhuman abilities through manifestations of this loosh energy inside of us. That by living in love, we activate more chromosomes in our DNA than we do by living in fear (the opposite of love). That our DNA is literally a light receptor that emits this light back out into the universe, manifesting a better, brighter reality around us based on how much light and love we give off. That we are in fact in control of what happens in our lives, but you have to believe that you are. That obstacles are a part of this growing process in life, and we will continue to encounter lessons until they are learned.

Ever heard of the 100th Monkey effect? Basically, when the United States nuked Hiroshima there was an island not too far away that was covered in radiation. The inhabiting monkeys on that island wanted to eat coconuts, but couldn’t for they were covered in radiation. One day, an intuitive monkey went to the water and cleaned his coconut. Another monkey saw him do that and did the same. Then, another monkey, and other, and so on until finally the hundredth monkey did it. Once that hundredth monkey did it, simultaneously all the other monkeys on the island, and every other monkey on surrounding islands within the area effected by the radiation started doing it. This is amazing, for it proves that consciousness is not physically bound. These monkeys evolved their way of thinking, and every other monkey caught on through the telepathic neurological waves that is consciousness. This 100th Monkey Effect can be applied to almost anything you can think of in today’s society. Ex. Drake starts saying YOLO, then 100 of Drake’s biggest fans start saying it, then before you know it everyone across the country is saying it; even the one’s who have no idea what it means. It’s consciousness.

We can apply this to enlightenment as well… Here’s how:

We’re led to believe that there’s nothing more to life than school, work, family, and material items. But what happens when one of us figures out that’s not true? Say that person is me. I figure out that there is more to life than what we’re told, and I go out and find it. I apply it to my life, and start living a better more positive life. I’m the first monkey. Then my best friend sees me do this and notices that it positively effected my life, so he decides to try it for himself. He too then experiences a better more positive life through these findings and practices, and then his best friend sees him doing this and does the same. And so on and so forth until there are an abundant number of us changing our lives for the better, experiencing higher consciousness and spiritual enlightenment, and then all of a sudden simultaneously the whole world experiences a global conscious shift into higher thinking and enlightenment. Some will understand it right away, and some won’t. But they all will be experiencing it because when you get a mass amount of energy and mind power converged on a single ideal or thought, it manifests. And once there are enough of us experiencing the truth and bliss that is spiritual enlightenment and conscious awakening, the rest of the world will see what we’re doing and follow suit.

Now that you know the basics you may ask, what can I do to raise my vibrations and manifest a more positive reality? It’s simple really! Live in love, not fear. Balance the ego and cleanse the soul. Begin to accept the past, learn from it, and be able to move on. Apply what you’ve learned throughout various trials and tribulations to ensure you shall prosper in the future. Remain grounded, yet confident that you are a divine creator with infinite possibilities to manifest. Eliminate all counterproductive and non-beneficial thoughts & actions. Keep your body in good physical, mental, and spiritual health (Eat non-GMO foods, mediate, spend time in nature, let your bare feet touch the Earth, retain a good physical workout, research and learn something new every day, & retain healthy positive relationships with as many other souls as you can.)

Spread love to everyone around you! It is selfish to keep the abundant amount of love you have within all stored up. The more love you give out, the more love you receive. By eliminating negative thoughts, you make room for more positive thoughts; and the more positive thoughts you think the more positive manifestations your reality will show you. (The Law Of Attraction)

Haven’t quite figured out where to find God? Here’s a little secret that Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammed all knew and actively taught; you cannot physically see God. You cannot seek the Kingdom of Heaven and hope to literally find it in any physical place. If you’re looking for God and the Kingdom of Heaven all you have to do is look inside. That’s right! Inside you lies a soul. A soul of infinite energy, love, and universal knowledge. Through this soul of energy you are one with every other soul of energy in the universe. We all share a common soul & consciousness. Even the planets themselves have souls. It’s amazing really, how a 206 boned body covered in three layers of skin can possess such infinite power and possibilities. You may ask if we are all such divine beings, why don’t we use these powers to better the world?

We have been purposefully reprieved of this knowledge for reasons of power, greed, and deceit. We aren’t being taught this because if we were, the world would could finally know peace. And they know that. They?

The world is plagued by a group of family called the elite, and they serve to keep us repressed & in order, slaves to the system we thought was for us. They feed us garbage, trick us into devoting all our time to garbage, and even go to the lengths of making sure we listen to garbage. They condition us to hate and be afraid using fear tactics. They keep us living in a world of what’s wrong, so that we can’t focus on what’s right. They implement separation into everything we do by creating labels & creating the notion that different is bad. They are repressing us because they know that if we knew the knowledge I just shared with you that we could defeat them. But we cannot be held back from the truth any longer.

In these latter days, there is a revolution coming. It’s already starting to take shape. It’s a revolution of consciousness, and every single one of us is involved. Soon Revelations will be fulfilled. But instead of Christ the messiah coming back to Earth, we will merely return to the higher Christ Consciousness. But that cannot happen until the final prophesies of a third world war, the fall of the american dollar, the mark of the beast being instilled on all, and the coming of an antichrist figure are fulfilled.

Have you been keeping up on your politics? We are on the brink of a third world war, our president is leading America to it’s grave (both financially and politically), and Israel is preparing for the antichrist’s return. Friends, things are going to change soon. And before all is said and done, I can only hope and pray that you are right with God, the universe, and yourself. Do not leave any unfinished business here on Earth.

Make it your mission to spread nothing but love, peace, positivity, truth, and light in these final days.

So! To wrap this up, I would like to take a second to say that I appreciate and love every one of you who took the time to read this. I understand the length, and that reading is not the most joyous experience. I one day hope to be able to spread this message to the world, and bring us back to the roots of love that we once came from. I hope that I can change at least one person’s life with my words, and that I might intreague someone to pursue this journey to enlightenment & a personal intimate relationship with the God in themselves. There is nothing that you cannot do when you put your mind to it and pursue it in a loving manner. The world is yours, and she’s waiting for someone just like you to come along and save her. The only way that we can do this is by banning together in love, consciousness, and a desire to spread all we know to everyone else. The universe loves you, God loves you, I love you.

We are the enlightened ones, we are the awakened ones, we are the ones who will start the revolution, we are the first hundred monkeys. We may not be able to save the whole world alone, but together we have the opportunity save as many misguided souls inhabiting this planet as we possibly can. We can change the world, we can save the world.

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    100 monkeys, brilliance of manifested consciousness. now the mind evolves from monkeys…? “haven’t you always wanted a monkey!” lots of love xxoxo