How to Meet Your Spirit Guide in 5 Minutes

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So, you want to meet your Spirit Guide? Trick question, of course you do.

By the time you’ve finished reading this, and with some patience, you’ll know how to. It’s not hard. They want you to meet them. You’re meant to be talking. So, let’s get to it.

What’s a Spirit Guide?

First, let me briefly explain what a Spirit Guide is. Your Spirit Guide is a being that’s there to help you with your physical experience. Though they don’t always communicate in the most straight-forward medium, once you’ve identified how they communicate – you’ll quickly get the hang of it.

What to know first

Now, to meet your Spirit guide – you need to know how to ground and protect. These two are very vital topics, and there’ll be posts written on the importance of them soon. For now, though, let’s go through the basics, because I can tell you’re itching to meet your guide already.


To begin off with, we need to ground ourselves. This is a simple process, and there’s a few methods, but for the sake of ease – we’re going to use something I call the ‘tree method.’ Here’s how:

  • Close your eyes. (Finish reading this first.)
  • Visualise tree roots, within your minds eye, sprouting out from your shoulders.
  • Allow these tree roots to make their way down through you, paying attention to the joints.
  • Send the roots into the ground. Deep into the ground.
  • If you feel like you need a heavy grounding, you can try a root sprouting from your third eye into the ground too.
  • Open your eyes.


Next, we need to put up our protection. When we’re visualising scenes in which we meet other entities, these take place on one of the astral planes. Protection here is necessary. Lucky for you, it’s pretty simple too:

  • Close your eyes. (The above applies.)
  • Visualise an egg composed of a golden white light, just bigger than your body, with steps leading up to it.
  • Walk up the stairs, in your minds eye, and step into the egg.
  • Turn around within the egg and close the door.
  • Thicken the energy around the egg a little to your suiting.
  • Open your eyes.

Meeting your Guide

Right, now that we’re grounded and protected – we’re ready to meet our guides. This is a fairly short process, but a powerful one nonetheless. If you’ve got experience with guided meditation, it’s like that – but you’ve just gotta remember it rather than hear it:

  • Get comfortable, and close your eyes.
  • Visualise a bright white light entering into your crown chakra (the top of your head) and carrying you upwards.
  • This light is carrying you to your safe place. Your safe place can be wherever and whatever you like. It just needs a door and a shower, the rest is up to you.
  • Enter through the door of your safe place, close it behind you, and step into the shower.
  • Allow the shower to cleanse your energy. Get lost in the idea of it. Let it scrub you.
  • Once you’re done cleansing, head out the door you came in – this is your door to the astral. Remember to close the door behind you.
  • There’s three steps, count them as you descend them.
  • You’re now in a beautiful garden, or an ugly one if you prefer, with a winding path leading you.
  • Follow the path, take as much time as you want – smell the flowers or whatever you wanna do.
  • At the end of the path, there’s a building. The nature of the building is up to you, but it’s got to have seats and a stage. (Like a theatre, or cinema.)
  • Enter into the building, go sit at the front row and a spotlight will come on. It’s focused on the closed curtain on the stage.
  • When you feel ready, the curtains open.
  • Your Spirit Guide is standing there. Whatever form they’ve taken is down for you to see.
  • Invite them to come sit next to you, ask them some questions – their name is probably a good start.
  • Note: Your Spirit Guide may respond to you using sensations, emotions, images or other mediums. This requires your own observation to determine.
  • When you’re satisfied, leave. Follow the path, climb the steps, enter your safe place, close the door behind you and allow the light to carry you back down to Earth.
  • Wake your physical body back up slowly. Wiggle your fingers or something.
  • Once you’re comfortable, open your eyes – you can now call on your guide whenever you want.

Great, you’ve met your Spirit Guide. If you were paying attention, you’ve learnt how they effectively communicate to you too – this is a great step, because it means you can now communicate with your Guide almost on demand. Though it’s worth keeping in mind that your Guide does not need to be consulted for every little thing in your life.


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  • Jordan

    how would you contact your spirit guide on demand? just talk to them in your mind?