Top 5 Books That Will Change How You Think!

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spiritual-1Self education is vastly underrated!I came across this concept back in my early twenties, and got curious. I figured out that there was nothing that was stopping me more from learning apart from me. And the good news is that when you begin to use self-education to your advantage, you learn on your terms.

There are many benefits to self education. Primarily, the freedom of learning at your own pace. Secondly, you get to hear somebody else s angle. And thirdly (and sometimes crucially) you will hear it said and articulated in such a way, that it drives deep into your soul.

So, forgive the proselytizing, but I’m a huge advocate of self-education. That’s not to say that college is meaningless. Some people thrive under such conditions. But for others, self-education is a path that is greatly under-used, and can reap great benefits.

Over the years, thanks to self-education, I have learn’t how the cosmology of the multi-verse works (from a spiritual standpoint), how the mind operates (from a psychological standpoint) and why the world is like it is (to a certain degree, anyway;-).

Below are the top 5 books that can help you make a similar journey, and books that have not only altered my way of thinking, but got me living more from love and peace than ever before. I hope this list inspires you;-)

1. The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle

The book that got being present into the mainstream, and brought being mindful to the masses. In truth, mindfulness meditation has been going on for millenia, but it wasn’t until this book came along that this form of meditation got a re-vamp in image. Now, thanks to scientific research and the popularity of this book, more and more people are learning to reduce their egos, feel more peace and feel a lot more better with themselves.

And the law of attraction followers are loving this as well, as presence helps reduce ego resistance and helps the manifestation process happen more smoothly. Quite simply, in more spiritual terms, ‘the now’ is the junction point where your ego meets the higher self (which is everything) So essentially you are using the higher self for maximum effect. Food for thought;-)

2. Conversations with God -Neale Donald Walsch

This trilogy helped some Christians understand the divinity better (including myself). I say some, because the hardcore niche probably wouldn’t like the truths that the books were talking about. Unfortunately, there are many people that regard unconditional love as a fearful, ego driven god, that needs to be worshiped. While I respect these opinions (or at least try to;-) science is starting to prove otherwise. And now thanks to these books, we can now live more healthily and more peaceful then ever before.

That isn’t to say that these books are easy reading. There is a lot of information to digest here, and some of the truths are radical. But if you ever had an intuitive nudge that divinity was not completely what the church was saying, this book should help you lift your eyes from the foggy shadows. Highly recommended to wake you up to your true powers, and allows you to realize why society can act the way it does.

3. Repeatlessness – Dr. Joe Marshalla

The book that expands on the art of being present, but has the added bonus of also including the human conditions and how the mind works. It’s quite simply a neat and tidy guide on how the mind operates, and how you can use this to better yourself and your lifestyle. It was the book that first opened my eyes to why we feel the way we do when it comes to trying to achieve our goals (it does this by highlighting 3 unrelated experiments, that together form a startling realization).

It’s also has an exercise on how to reduce negativity (hint: this involves the bathroom…) and also shows you ways on how to keep being focused, which is vastly underrated (and will be the subject of a future article). The book isn’t long, and can be read in just one weekend.

4. Active Consciousness – Amy L.Lansky, PhD

This is a book that I stumbled upon only recently, and I’m Glad I did. This is a book that every teenager leaving college should have, as it gives you good cases on how the law of attraction works, as well as give you simple exercise to achieve being present and feeling love (which incidentally helps the law of attraction for you).

After reading this book, you will never want to loose you personal power again, as it guides you into a new understand on the power of making a choice, and how that can create a new reality. It also includes quotes from famous spiritualists and philosophers that demonstrates the point that your mind can influence the consciousness around you, so you can better your life. A must read!

5. The Secret of the Soul -William Buhlman

There will come a time, where you will want to explore the very nature of reality itself. Maybe you have tried out the law of attraction, but haven’t seen many results as yet. Maybe you still don’t believe that your thoughts do create your reality. This is all understandable Regrettably, we still live in a society where most people think they are separate from everything else (maybe due to the left-hemisphere of the brain receiving more attention…who knows?). This means that the very notion of a single thought creating a big change is the most ridiculous notion of the highest order.

This also means that to really understand how thought operates, you need to essentially leave your body so you can expand your mind and go inwards (temporarily, or course;-). This means that you will eventually have to have an out-of-body experience. Now, this isn’t a bad thing, but a good thing, as you get to experience the law of attraction first hand, experience how divinity really operates, and increase your natural connection to source (or soul if you prefer).

This book helps you achieve out-of-body experiences, as well as explain the mechanics on how the thought-responsive environment works. After reading this book, you will begin to understand why a single thought is so powerful and how it affects the ether, which gives rise to the physical matter we see with our eyes.

Out-of-body experiences are so incredibly under-rated, and yet we have them ever night, when we dream. And the good thing is, not only can you heal yourself (to some degree) using an out-of-body experience you can also increase your intuitive abilities as well.

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