In Jonathon Miller Weisberger’s Rainforest Medicine we learn how the Secoya tribe in the Amazon utilize ayahuasca as a sacrament. Embedded within the sacred act of magical plant ingestion is a mythical framework, a sacred form of storytelling protected by the elder of the tribe specifically detailing inner perils and potential pit-falls of the spirit-life, […]

So, recently I reached out to a person I connected with on Twitter – his name, as you may have guessed, is Justin Brosey. He’s the guy in the picture above. His story – I’ll admit, I read up on him prior to my reaching out to him – touched me, but I didn’t feel […]

The Fool is first in the Tarot Deck He starts you out towards destiny’s trek. The Magician dares you to take your next stride While the High Priestess beckons to you with pride. Both Empress and Emperor underneath their crowns Challenge your intentions with their stern frowns. The Hierophant in his holiness Tries to sort […]