Image from Kingsley L. Dennis, Reality Sandwich Guest For many of us we have been brought up within a social structure that demands we become a ‘productive member’ of our society; thus much emphasis is placed upon developing individual skills so that we can compete with each other for social betterment. Inherent in this is […]

Welcome Sentinels to Phase 6.1.2!  I’ve been working on this for a little while, trying to pack all this information into one article, but I decided to cut it in half again.  Today we’ll be covering Crystal Work and Guardian Creation.  These are both fairly controversial but very powerful tools for protecting and balancing your […]

Divine Society had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Dr. Paul Zak. He is often referred to as “Dr. Love,” as he was the first to identify the role of oxytocin in mediating trusting behaviours between unacquainted humans. He also founded the field of Neuroeconomics.  As for work, he directs the Center for Neuroeconomics Studies at Claremont […]

The planet we live on is a living organism.  The trees are it’s lungs, the streams are it’s veins, and whether we realize it or not, our bodies are apart of a shared field of consciousness that contains all the native beings who reside here.  The physical Earth and it’s biosphere are the body or […]