Absolutely everything is a wave of energy and there are many new energies taking place on Earth. We’ve shifted consciousness, but we’re still using old reflections to create our reality. Abundance in all aspects of life is now much easier to achieve in the new vibration and a confidence in our abilities will soon magnify […]

Willow and Jaden Smith are amazing indigo children! I’m so happy they got to do a public interview on their ideas. I’ve looked at several different versions of the interview, and most pop culture websites wrote about the them in the most condescending way. Of course, mainstream media isn’t going to openly accept ideas of […]

Whether you have been perusing the self-help or personal development section of the book store, been around people who are looking for personal success or whether you are part of or know of people in spiritual circles, The Secret or Law of Attraction is a big topic and has been for years. Some of us […]

The Ethereal Experience was a podcast hosted by the minds of Johnny & Jay. Although we’re better known on Twitter, with Johnny’s account being @DMTryptamiiine and my own (Jay’s) account being @HeterodoxHippie. It was a short-lived endeavour, as our lives got pretty crazy (as they do) around the time we’d started the recordings. With that said, it […]