A follow-up to “Popular culture has blinded millennials (like me) in the search for happiness” Since writing my last post about popular culture, money and its blinding effect on the search for happiness. I’ve quit my 9 to 5 job, given away most of my possessions, set up my own online business and moved abroad […]

If you’re a young human like me living in the Western world, money is probably on your mind. Why? Because we’ve been mind-fucked (also known as ‘Westernized’) into believing that money = happiness. Published in ShellsuitZombie’s magazine (Issue 5) Throughout the wonder years of the 1990’s to the early 2000’s, TV shows like ‘MTV Cribs’, […]

So many of us spend our time dreaming about an alternate reality. In our youth we imagine what being a self-sufficient adult will be like and supporting ourselves through our desired means of a career. When we grow up and things don’t work out the way we anticipated we imagine the day when it will […]

Happiness is a simple concept; yet, many people don’t realize it. We all want to be happy but we search for it in wrong places. Some people find happiness in materialistic gains like owning a house, latest gadgets, expensive cars and more. But sometimes, even the biggest achievement of life does not make a person […]