Consciousness is understood by most people as being aware, but there is a lot more to consciousness than just being in a state of awareness. Consciousness is one of the hardest things to define because of its mysterious and metaphysical properties. At your current state of evolution, it is impossible for you to understand all […]

If you’re a young human like me living in the Western world, money is probably on your mind. Why? Because we’ve been mind-fucked (also known as ‘Westernized’) into believing that money = happiness. Published in ShellsuitZombie’s magazine (Issue 5) Throughout the wonder years of the 1990’s to the early 2000’s, TV shows like ‘MTV Cribs’, […]

What should I do with my life? I was sitting, having a conversation with a friend the other day, and they asked a question that left me a little stumped… “How do I find my life purpose?” It got me thinking. I mean, really thinking. A few minutes went by, and I managed to muster up a […]