The road to self actualization and inner peace is not easily achieved without our desire to consistently work toward change. The conceptual state of being peaceful and secure in one’s self is often idealized, but when it comes to practicing the steps, we easily default back to our ingrained habits. When we become serious about […]

Your child’s DNA and blood samples cannot be recorded and stored without your knowledge, right? Apparently not. An Indiana TV station’s investigation shocked parents when they learned that millions of DNA samples from children are being stored at an undisclosed government warehouse. WTHR found that the Indiana State Department of Health is currently storing the blood samples of more than […]

I’m typically not one for altered states of consciousness. I don’t do drugs. I’ve never been drunk. In fact, the only time I can claim to have been synthetically high was when, against my will, I was injected with Fentanyl moments before being put under for surgery (and that high was not a pleasant experience). […]