Synchronicity reveals the meaningful connection between the subjective and objective world.  ~ Carl Jung Manifesting itself in names, numbers, words, objects, symbols and events, synchronicity is essentially the occurrence of a meaningful (or even miraculous) coincidence in your life.  This experience seems far too significant to be a mere day-to-day serendipitous encounter. Most of us have […]

Synchronicity The Law of Attraction and Manifestation Synchronicities, Healing and Awareness  With the closing of our reality program, many more clients/people sense the end of time. Along with that comes the overwhelming need to help others and thus evolve personally through that energy. This seems to be the way the program is calling souls home. […]

What should I do with my life? I was sitting, having a conversation with a friend the other day, and they asked a question that left me a little stumped… “How do I find my life purpose?” It got me thinking. I mean, really thinking. A few minutes went by, and I managed to muster up a […]