The system, or what’s commonly referred to as the matrix, is pathologically broken; designed to hurt and exploit the uninformed. Even those who are informed have a tough time escaping the system. Well, until now. Now, we’ll show you how to live within it, but use it to your advantage. The current system is contemptible. […]

The history of the body has always been a star-map. Yet, the medical and scientific community are largely in denial about this medical past. They would prefer to tell you the success story of their long journey to professional status from the 18th to 21st century. For thousands of years a surprising number of people […]

Since 1935, the following seal appears on the reverse side of every $1 dollar Federal Reserve Note:  Annuit Coeptis is Latin for “Providence Favors our Undertakings” and Novus Ordo Seclorum is Latin for “New Order of the Ages”  As we approach the 100 year anniversary of the creation of the Federal Reserve, it is absolutely imperative that we get […]