Whether you have been perusing the self-help or personal development section of the book store, been around people who are looking for personal success or whether you are part of or know of people in spiritual circles, The Secret or Law of Attraction is a big topic and has been for years. Some of us […]

The eye is your window to the universe.  We all come into this world with these super intricate biological cameras in our head which somehow translate photons of light into a 3-dimensional image in front of us.  It’s one of the marvels of the human body. We often take for granted how luck we are […]

I’d like to start by saying thank you to Amber Lyon. My first experience with this site was through her article “How Psychedelics Saved My Life” and her eloquence and direct message resonated deeply with me. This article was also the icebreaker for a recent conversation with my mother about psychedelics that ended up radically […]