We at Divine Society will begin publishing recommended sources of wisdom. On Living a Spiritually Directed Life: No Man is an Island, New Seeds of Contemplation and Thoughts in Solitude, These three books by Thomas Merton are my go-to texts for centering and contemplation. Even if you are not Catholic – and I’m not – his reflections on […]

To get in touch with one’s self spiritually is not to say philosophical things, become an inspirational speaker, or world class motivator. It’s not turning into a ghost like apparition with no physical form. It’s about realizing that through this physical vessel that is your body, you are able to become one with the universe […]

So, you want to meet your Spirit Guide? Trick question, of course you do. By the time you’ve finished reading this, and with some patience, you’ll know how to. It’s not hard. They want you to meet them. You’re meant to be talking. So, let’s get to it. What’s a Spirit Guide? First, let me […]